Dapwood Furniture Mountain Twilight Platform Bed Frame

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Dapwood Furniture (formerly Ramblin Wood) manufactures USA – made platform bed frames and furniture made from solid FSC Certified Sustainable Maple and Oak hardwoods.

All prices include center support leg.

What Exactly Is A Platform Bed Frame?

A platform bed frame allows you to place a mattress directly on a slat support system instead of using a box spring. The purpose of the slats is to support the mattress while allowing space for air to circulate through the mattress. This is very important when using any type of Organic, latex or memory foam mattress.


Dapwood makes all of their slats in-house out of another American hardwood – Poplar. They machine each slat by hand and the poplar slats are sanded smooth on the top and bottom and the edges are bullnosed.


Linseed (or sometimes called Flaxseed) oil is one of the oldest oils known to mankind. You may see something called “Boiled Linseed Oil” in home centers but that product is far removed from our finish. We only use the natural oil from the Flax plant that is heated in the absence of oxygen. This heating polymerizes the oil and allows it to cure faster. Linseed oil has a slight “grass-like” odor that dissipates over time. This odor assures you that the product is natural and doesn’t contain metal driers or other petroleum based products. The oil we use is the same product (only heated) that you might find in a natural foods store for sale as a nutritional supplement. Dapwood Furniture can be ordered unfinished if desired.


We only use natural cotton for the strapping that holds the bed slats together as well as for dresser drawers. While we understand that cotton production can often use high amounts of pesticides we still feel it is a better choice over petroleum-based plastics such as nylon and polyester. It is our goal to find suppliers of more environmentally friendly products such as hemp, jute or organic cotton.

What Are The Platform Increase/Decrease Options?

A platform option raises or lowers the overall platform height in relation to the floor. You may want a higher bed to increase the space under the bed for storage or increase or decrease the platform height to achieve a desired overall height once the mattress is placed.

What Are The Mattress Headboard Height Options?

This option allows for different mattress thicknesses so the headboard doesn’t become hidden or have a space under the headboard if using a thinner mattress.

Why would I want my furniture to be made out of harder wood?

Harder woods are generally less prone to wear and abrasion from dings and scratches than softer woods. Additionally, harder woods are generally very strong when compared to similarly dimensioned pieces of softer woods. Learn more

How do I care for my Dapwood furniture?

Regular dusting with a clean, soft cloth is usually sufficient. Some other pointers that apply to solid wood furniture in general include:
Avoid exposing your furniture to strong sunlight. The ultraviolet (UV) radiation can discolor or damage the wood and/or finish of your Dapwood furniture.
Avoid exposing your furniture to high and low temperatures and humidity. Extremes in temperature and humidity can damage your Dapwood furniture. Additionally, don’t place hot items such as pans or moist items such as drink glasses on your furniture without protective padding or coasters.
Avoid exposing your furniture to products containing solvents. Common household items most often containing solvents include perfume, hairspray, nail polish remover, spot removers, glues and adhesives. These products can damage the finish of your furniture.

I’ve scratched my Dapwood furniture, what should I do?

If your Dapwood furniture becomes scratched, you can easily repair the scratch since it is made from solid hardwoods. Depending on how deep the scratch is, you may need to use coarser grits to blend the scratch. Use finer sandpapers until the scratch is gone. Finish with approximately 150 grit sandpaper and reapply pure linseed oil.

How quickly will I receive my furniture?

All items are shipped directly from our shop. The standard time to complete an order is 2 weeks from the time that we actually receive the order. Depending on your distance from Albuquerque, the transit time can be anywhere from 1 to 4 business days.

I can’t wait that long. Can I get it quicker?

Yes, we can expedite your order. We offer Rush and Double Rush options that shorten order completion time to 2 weeks and 1 week, respectively. There are fees associated with these expedited turnaround time options.

What are some of the options available with your beds ?
Our beds are extremely customizable. Options include:

Wood: Premium Appalachian red oak and white hard maple (cherry and walnut available on Mod and Avant Series)

Slat Spacing: 3″ standard or 1/4″ spacing with double slat option

Platform adjustments: 12 inch is usually standard but we have different height adjustment options

Headboard adjustment: Adjust the headboard location to accommodate various mattress thicknesses.

Footboards: Available on most frames

Finish: Pure, natural linseed oil or unfinished

Extra long beds: Queen or Cal-King length

In addition to the standard options above, we can create almost any custom length, width or height that you might be looking for with most of our beds. Learn more

Do I need a box-spring with your beds?

No, a box-spring or a foundation is not required with our beds. Our beds are specifically designed in a way that they eliminate the need for a box-spring or mattress foundation. That said, you can use a box-spring with our beds if you choose to do so but be sure that you let us know so that we can raise the headboard up high enough to peek out over your mattress!

How do I disassemble the bed frame?

Like assembly, all you need is a rubber mallet. The easiest way is to flip the bed frame upside down and strike the rail or crosspiece with the mallet right next to the leg. It will probably take several strikes to loosen the joint. If you are not able to flip the bed frame, you can use another method. Stack a pile of books under the rail or crosspiece that you want to loosen so that the leg is approximately 1″ above the floor. Now strike the top of the leg with the rubber mallet. It will probably take several strong strikes to loosen the joint.