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Comfort Exchange, Cancellation & Return Policies

The biggest challenge that a mattress shopper has is if the new mattress they choose to purchase is the right one. We strive to help you find the right mattress system and we have tremendous customer satisfaction with rarely ever having a comfort exchange or warranty issue with our customers.

Your body’s memory is used to your old mattress and it may take a few nights to a few weeks of sleeping on your new mattress system to allow your body to adjust. If you still need a different level of comfort, we have a large selection of comfort layers that will improve the comfort of your mattress system without the need for an exchange. If after this time, you realize you have selected the incorrect firmness, we do offer a one-time comfort exchange on non-organic mattresses.

When you become an honored Healthy Bed Store customer, we require that you read, understand and agree to the following comfort exchange, cancellation and return policies.


The Healthy Bed Store will not refund the purchase price of any mattress (except Bed-In-A-Box under their own refund program), foundation, bedding or furniture product sold, except under the following conditions:

● You may return and receive a 100% refund on any non-mattress bedding product within 30 days of purchase as long as it is an in-stock store item, was not a special order and it is returned unopened, unused and in its original packaging.

● If the non-mattress bedding product was specially ordered and shipped directly to you from our manufacturer, you may return it for any reason as long as it is returned unopened, unused and in its original packaging. We will refund you the purchase price less the original shipping charge and a 20% processing fee. You are responsible for the return shipping expense. We will not accept any product that arrives to us soiled, stained or damaged in any way.

● We will refund 100% of the purchase price, with no deduction for shipping and processing, in the event of a manufacturer mistake (wrong item, size, color, etc.).


Since most of our products are custom-made by order, you have 48 hours after placing your order to change or cancel your order. All cancellations must be confirmed in writing by fax or email. Our manufacturers will not allow us to cancel an order once it is placed into production and can only be cancelled at their discretion. Once your order has shipped, you will be responsible to pay all shipping charges involved to return your order.


All new mattress and bedding products, especially those made with any type of foam, may have unique aroma for a few days after delivery. This will not be harmful and should dissipate with a few days. You can help speed up this process by letting your mattress “air out” by opening windows and using ceiling fans to circulate air in the room, prior to putting on your mattress pad and sheets.

We do not accept returns of any of our products for individual allergic reactions or sensitivities to the product materials. If you are concerned about a possible reaction or sensitivity, we will provide you with samples of our materials to test prior to your purchase, at no charge to you.


The Healthy Bed Store offers a one-time 90 day comfort exchange on any new mattress purchase – EXCEPT for ALL Organic Mattresses (including Savvy Rest, Suite Sleep, Naturepedic EOS, OrganicPedic Duo and Bella Duo mattresses, which have their own layer exchange only policy), Bed-In-A-Box and Alexander Select mattresses (which have their own manufacturer's money-back policy), Showroom or Home Show Floor Models, Clearance, or Discontinued items and Warranty replacements. The 90 day period begins on the date of delivery.

Sleep is a personal process and it can take up to several weeks for your body to adjust to a new mattress. If you find that you need to adjust the comfort of the mattress system you purchased, we have a large selection of comfort layers available. Some of our comfort layers are available for you to take home and try for a few nights – contact us for details.

We offer a ONE-TIME Comfort Exchange provided the following conditions are met:

  • You need to sleep on your new mattress for at least 30 days. We will make an exchange during the 31-90 day period after the delivery date. 
  • We will credit 50% of the original purchase price of the mattress you wish to exchange, towards another mattress that we sell. No sale pricing, discounts, coupons, or promotions will apply to the price of the new exchanged mattress and the price of the new mattress will be based on the current standard retail price posted on our website. If the new mattress price is less than the original mattress purchase price, the difference will be issued as a non-refundable store credit. 
  • If "FREE SHIPPING" and "FREE DELIVERY" were included with the original purchase, you will be charged all shipping costs and delivery charges for the new exchanged mattress or set.   
  • Adjustable Bases, Bed Frames and Wood Foundations, including wrong height of foundation, are not exchangeable or returnable. 
  • Customer will pay all shipping charges both ways if making a comfort layer exchange for any mattress that has a one-time comfort layer exchange.

We require that you purchase and use a water-proof mattress protector. If your mattress becomes stained or unsanitary at any time, this will void both your manufactures warranty and comfort exchange.

● Mattress must have the original law labels attached – these have identifying serial numbers and dates that are pertinent to your mattress and its warranty.

● Mattress Set must be free from stains or foreign materials (human or pet hair, lint, etc) and free from odors (tobacco, perfume, etc.).

● Mattress must be used with a same-brand matching foundation – adjustable foundations are acceptable and platform frames are acceptable as long as the space between the slats are no more than 3″ (Naturepedic EOS requires a foundation with no more than 2" spacing). A mattress designed for a wood foundation cannot be used on a box spring or foundation from another manufacturer – this will void the manufacturer’s warranty and is not compliant to current state and federal flame barrier regulations. Mattresses must not be placed on solid wood surfaces that could block the air circulation under and through the mattress as this could increase the chance of mold growth. We have Coir Bed Rugs available that can be placed between the mattress and wood surface.

● Mattress Set must be installed on a metal or platform frame that has strong center support legs to prevent the foundation from sagging. Lack of proper support can cause structural damage that will void your warranty.

● Body Impressions – It is possible for your new mattress to develop “Body Impressions” during the first several weeks of use, especially with mattresses built with wool layers under the cover. These impressions are normal, do not affect the comfort of the mattress and are not considered a defect. With larger size mattresses, a ridge in the middle may develop where there is less use. Please consult the manufacturer’s warranty card for more information.

● Keep in mind that all mattresses are hand-assembled. No two mattresses will be identical and there might be minor imperfections that will in no way affect the warranty or physical performance of the mattress set. Please clip any loose threads with scissors rather than pulling them.

Pillows, Toppers and Bedding – Sorry, there are no exchanges or comfort guarantees on pillows, toppers, bedding and mattress protectors once opened and used. We may be able to a loan floor model sample to you to try for 1-2 days before purchase.

Please note that the Healthy Bed Store, unlike most mattress chain stores, does NOT take returned mattresses, have them chemically sterilized and then resells them in their outlet discount store – you can tell if they are a used mattress by the required yellow law label.


Best Price Guarantee

We understand that you are spending considerable time and effort is finding the right mattress system at the lowest possible price. You may find initially that some of our pricing is higher than our competitors. There are two reasons for this:

1. Many of our manufacturers require us to list their minimum advertised pricing and we will honor and respect their policies. Some stores and websites will not play by the rules and list lower prices.

2. Many of our products have the shipping and delivery charges included in the price. Some stores/website post really low prices and pad their lost profit into the shipping charges.

To get the lowest price possible, you must call us during store hours.

If you find a legitimate lower advertised price on the exact same item, we will strive to beat their price. However, you must provide us with the store/website page containing the lower advertised price or provide a written quote from the store/website.

Pricing Disclaimer:

We strive to make sure of the accuracy of the pricing and availability of the products on this site. Due to manufacturer price changes, product discontinuation, availability of raw materials, errors, specials and closeouts, all pricing and availability is subject to change without notice.


Shipping Procedures & Policies

We want you to have the greatest experience you can have when working with us and we want to inform you on what to expect regarding the shipment and delivery of your order. It is important for you to read and understand our shipping procedures and policies.FREE SHIPPING is included on most orders and white-glove delivery is available on all of our large mattress sets. We will confirm what type of delivery that your order will be shipped by when we confirm the order with you.Order sent to Alaska, Hawaii, any urban and remote addresses or deliveries with any special requirements will incur additional costs that will be the customer’s responsibility.When your order has been shipped and we receive the tracking information, it will be forwarded to you. For large shipments arriving by common carrier, a representative of the common carrier will contact you to make arrangements for delivery.

If an order is refused once it is shipped from the factory, the customer is responsible for all shipping charges, including outbound and return shipping and will be charged a additional 10% restocking fee.


When your order left the factory, it was in perfect condition and, in a perfect world, should arrive in the same condition. There is always the possibility of damage and you should be prepared for this occurrence.

Please have a digital camera with you at delivery, if possible. Please open all boxes and inspect the products BEFORE the delivery carrier leaves. If the merchandise arrived visibly damaged, refuse the order and take pictures of the damaged product and the container it arrived in, if possible.

If your order includes White Glove Delivery, please thoroughly inspect your order BEFORE you sign the Bill of Lading or Waybill provided by the driver and the carrier personnel leaves your residence.

IMPORTANT! Concealed damage MAY NOT be claimed with any carrier so it is the responsibility of the customer to inspect all contents before signing any documents. The carrier personnel must provide you the opportunity to inspect the contents before they leave. If they refuse to do so, make a note of this on the Bill of Lading or Waybill before they leave.

If there is any damage, note it on the freight bill and take digital pictures, if possible.

Once the customer has signed the freight bill from the carrier, they have accepted the product in good condition. Any shipping damage claims after the signed acceptance from the customer cannot be replaced as the customer has now released the freight company from any liability.