About Us

The Healthy Bed Store is a division of Progressive Health Solutions, Inc. – a family-owned corporation and organic and natural mattress store dedicated to the development and marketing of home therapy products for people dealing with chronic pain and health issues. The company was founded in 2004 by Wayne Franson, a nationally-certified massage therapist and John F. Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapist.

While providing hands-on therapy treatments to our patients, we saw the need to provide therapy products for our patients to use at home, to continue the benefits of the treatments they received at our two clinic locations. As sales and interest grew from our patient sales and through exhibiting at health fairs and home shows, The Healthy Bed Store open its first retail location in 2007 and in September 2010, the store expanded to a larger location in Folsom, California.

Currently, The Healthy Bed Store may be the only store of its kind in the U.S. – owned by an experienced pain-management therapist with an educational background and clinical hands-on experience with people with back pain, surgery and accident injuries, chronic pain, illnesses and chemical sensitivities. In addition, The Healthy Bed Store offers a multi-line selection of GOTS-Certified Organic mattresses, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Latex mattresses, Certi-PUR Certified Memory Foam Mattresses along with a large selection of bedding and furniture that are all personally selected due to the quality of the products and the integrity of the companies that manufacture them.

We don’t consider us as a mattress store – we really are more of a sleep and wellness center. Where else can you find Certified Organic mattresses, infrared saunas for detoxification and many other benefits, massage chairs, inversion equipment and other therapy products for back pain along with many other therapeutic products… in a quiet, comfortable spa-like environment with an absolute no-pressure sales policy? As one of the leading environmentally conscious mattress stores in Sacramento, The Healthy Bed Store commits to improving your health by way of better and more comfortable sleep.


As a therapist, I really knew very little about the mattress industry. Many of my back pain/surgery patients needed new beds and would ask what kind they should buy. At the same time, companies like Temper-Pedic and Select Comfort were asking me to be part of their therapist referral program and recommend their beds to my patients.

A meeting with an organic mattress manufacturer changed everything. Over a three hour meeting, I learned about the toxic carcinogenic chemicals used to manufacture the components of mattresses, including the chemicals used in the flame barrier fabrics. Upon further research, I found incredible deception and lack of integrity and disclosure of the materials used by the major name-brand mattress manufacturers – what we call the “S & T” companies (Sealy, Simmons, Select Comfort, Temper-Pedic, etc.). Go into any mattress store that sell these brands and ask them to prove to you how they make their beds. They won’t tell you… and they don’t have to. No law requires them to tell you what chemicals are used in their mattresses – only what is on the law label.

We believe in full disclosure and that you have the right to know how the mattresses we sell are made. All of our organic mattresses have certifications of the source and purity of the materials used in their manufacture. While it is our preference that you choose to sleep on an organic mattress system, many people want the comfort and feel of memory foam and other non-organic materials. We require the manufacturers of these mattresses and bedding products to disclose the percentage of natural materials used, the source of these materials and the type of flame barrier used and we list them on our product pages.

In possible, we personally visit and tour the manufacturing facility and meet with the owners to discuss the business and personal philosophies behind their products and their company. We like to meet and get to know the production personnel and inspect the working environments before we make a final decision to add their products to our company.


Not only are sustainablility and environmental considerations important with our products, they are just as important with our operation of our business:

1. We have completed the certification process to become a Green America approved business – the only one in Northern/Central California – www.greenamerica.com

2. We have received full certification by the Sacramento Sustainable Business council in all five catagories – Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Solid Waste Reduction and Green Building – www.sacramentosustainablebusiness.org

3. We used low-VOC paint and FLOR carpet tiles made from recycled materials when we designed our new store – this carpet can be removed, re-used and fully recycled at end life instead of ending up in the landfill.

4. We purchased a Mercedes Sprinter delivery van with a Blu-Tec diesel engine - considered the cleanest high-mileage diesel engine in the world.

5. All old mattresses and foundations are taken to a recycling facility and are dismantled and made into new products

6. All cardboard boxes are taken to a recycling facility.

7. All wood pallets and packaging are taken to a biomass plant to be converted into electricity.

8. All styrofoam packaging is reused by shipping centers or taken to a recycling facility.

9. We purchased recycled paper and ink cartridges for our business operations and separate and recycle as much business waste as possible.