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DreamFit Degree 3 Pima Cotton Sheet Set

  • DreamFit Degree 3 Pima Cotton Sheet Set


Why pay high mattress chain store prices on DreamFit Sheets? While we are required by DreamFit to list retail prices, you will receive a permanent 20% discount on DreamFit and all other bedding accessories with any mattress purchase, now and forever, at the Healthy Bed Store.

The perfect compromise between luxury and affordability, our 100% Extra Long Staple Pima Cotton sheet set is soft, breathable, and lightweight. Perfect for the budget conscious dreamer who demands indulgence.

Fine woven sheets made of select 100% cotton from the world’s best varieties. 

  • 100% Pima extra long staple cotton

  • Select cotton that is luxuriously soft

  • Breathable and light-weight

    6 Degrees of Quality Sheets

    DreamFit® Luxury Sheets are Guaranteed To Fit & Guaranteed To Stay On.™

    We had quality in mind when we crafted our Six Degree line. DreamFit® combines high-quality materials with patented technology for your most comfortable sleeping experience. Plus, you can choose the level of luxury and comfort right for you. Our lines run from essential sheet sets to elite bedding. With six different degrees, we can offer you exactly what you need- sheets that are perfect for your lifestyle. Each DreamFit® sheet will fit your mattress with tailor-made precision. Our patented DreamFit®construction ensures that your sleep is never disturbed by a fitted sheet that won’t stay put…and our patented strap design guarantees that your DreamFit® sheet will stay snug on any depth mattress.

    All DreamFit® sheet lines are made with the following Quality Features:

    • Patented DreamFit® Guaranteed To Fit & Guaranteed To Stay On.™ construction fits any sized mattress.

    • High Performance Elastic sewn around entire sheet- 4X wider and 20X stronger than standard elastic.

    • Patented strap design guarantees your DreamFit® fitted sheet will stay put even with the addition of feather beds, mattress toppers, or foam.

    • One-Year Limited Warranty Covers Workmanship & Material Defects.

    Care & Cleaning Instructions


    • Wash your DreamFit® sheets separately.

    • Do not wind DreamFit® or any sheets around the agitator, as they will become entangled.

    • Wash on gentle cycle in warm water and avoid bleach as it breaks down most fabric fibers.

    • Tumble dry on low heat and remove your DreamFit® sheets from dryer as soon as it shuts off.

    • Rotate your fitted sheet from the head of the bed to the foot each time you make the bed with

      freshly laundered sheets to extend the comfort life of your sheets.


    • Do not bleach or use detergents with bleach.

    • Machine wash in warm water.

    • Tumble dry on low heat and remove your DreamFit® Mattress Protector from dryer as soon as it

      shuts off.

    • Your DreamFit® Mattress Pad is protected by a 10-year guarantee. Use of bleach or detergents with bleach will void the Warranty. Please call a DreamFit® representative at 1-800-373-2634 for any questions or concerns.

    Type Sheet Sets
    Vendor DreamFit

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