Lifetime Mattress 7" Organic Latex Mattress - Great For Kids & Grownups

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Our 7" Organic Latex Mattress is a great choice for a first big kids bed... and is a great bed for adults that want a minimalistic design.


We start with a zippered casing made with 100% GOTS-Certified Cotton and Wool. Inside are two 3" layers of GOLS-Certified Dunlop Latex that comes in several firmnesses - Soft, Medium and Firm.

You get to choose the feel and firmness that you want. Choose a soft layer over a medium for a plush feel (soft/soft is not available). Parents typically choose a soft/medium or a medium/medium for their child. And for those who like a very firm mattress can order firm/firm.

You can change the feel of this mattress at anytime during the 20-30 year lifespan by simply ordering a new layer, unzip the casing, remove the old layer, install the new layer and zip it up. In the unlikely event that you ever have a body impression, take the defective layer out and put a new layer in.

There is no reason to ever have to replace this mattress - you just replace the component you don't need.