Copper Performance Cooling Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

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Can a mattress, besides providing a great night sleep, actually help reduce inflammation and arthritis? Absolutely, from the benefits of copper inside.

 With the addition of copper gel in the top foam layer, your body will receive several major benefits:

  • Copper is highly conductive and when copper particles are placed within the cell structure of memory foam, it allows trapped body heat to escape through convection resulting in a cooling sleeping surface.

  • Copper is anti-inflammatory, reducing pain and helps recover faster from activities.

  • Copper prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus from growing inside the memory foam

  • Copper is exceptionally antimicrobial. No living organisms can survive on the surface of copper for a length of time.

1. Our cover uses a grounding effect which produces a more relaxing sleep.

2. When copper infused foam is compressed, the copper particles that are dispersed throughout the foam concentrate themselves and form an antimicrobial film close to the surface.

3. Latex is superior to foam for comfort and pressure

4. Our gel memory foam adds additional cooling properties with a transition to the support layer.

5. The Quantum Edge pocketed coils are the best you will find inside hybrid mattress. Two rows of a smaller diameter and firmer coil around the perimeter provide great edge support. Zoned coils provide more contouring around your hips and shoulders.

6. A layer of base foam acts to support the pocketed coils

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