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Great service and some nice products for sleeping clean and healthy. After all, who doesn't like a good sleep?!

  • Susan C.
  • White Plains, NY

While I did my shopping online, Deven went above and beyond and personally delivered my pillows.  I also purchased the Bed in a box.  Such a comfortable mattress!  I love it.  I highly recommend shopping at The Healthy Bed Store! 

  • Audrey K.
  • San Francisco, CA


    Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They addressed all my questions and concerns. I came back 4x to make decisions. None of the staff seemed bothered by me doing this. This is what has made me a lifetime customer. Thank you Healthy Bed Store! I would highly recommend this place. I'm so happy I found a bed store that deals with people's allergies like me. I will definitely be back when I need a new bed frame or bedding. 

    5/2/2017   Updated review

    I previously reviewed this place when I bought a bed for my 4 year old. It was a great experience then and a great experience this time around as well. After purchasing my son's bed I fell in love with the latex beds and promised I'd be back to purchase a new bed as soon as I could afford it. We have had our new king size bed for 2 months and it has been fantastic. We bought the customizable version that had the future option of changing the top layers for firmness for only a few hundred dollars. Great purchase, knowledgable staff and owner, great customer service, reasonable prices for the quality you receive. The delivery company was great too. 


    This is the store to go to for bedding in general. I bought a worlds best mattress there along with cotton sheets that really do stay on the mattress with an adjustable platform. Natural latex pillows as well to complete my purchase. Very good quality and healthier materials make for better nights sleep and less toxic chemicals that are in standard mattresses.  Customer service is very good    Won't buy anywhere else from now on. 

  • Pam R.
  • Roseville, CA


    The folks at Healthy Bed were terrific.
    My mattress was delivered a few weeks ago and my dreams have improved.
    Everyone should try on their mattresses. 


    After online shopping for a time we selected Healthy Bed as the place we would shop. It's about 1 1/2 hours from where we live. We wanted our new mattress to be without the chemicals we know are bad for our health. We were warmly greeted and supported through our shopping experience. Claudia was gracious and helpful. There are plenty of good options and good values. Wayne checked us out and added more information, guidance and help. All in all, the experience was excellent. 

    Most importantly, we love the natural latex mattress (with a topper, that comes in different hardnesses.)  From night one we've enjoyed it and slept well. Our cat also really loves it! She was on there faster than we could make the bed. When one of us gets out of bed during the night there is no disturbance to the mattress and therefore the other's sleep. 

    We also got the small organic cotton travel pillows and are using them every night. Why would you need a bigger pillow?

    We decided after we were home that we did want a new mattress cover, and asked for guidance and ordered online. It was here in a flash. Once you buy a mattress from them, you get a 20% discount going forward

    After making our purchase, here is our thank you letter to the Healthy Bed Store:

    Hello Wayne & Claudia,

    We just wanted to send a short note to thank you for all of your help with our recent mattress purchase.  Our Organicpedic Cal King Latex mattress is wonderful and from the very first night, we have been enjoying wonderful, restful sleep...  Better than we have had in quite a while.

    We are delighted with our purchase and want you to know that deciding to drive all the way from Sonora was a great decision.  We have, and will continue to highly recommend The Healthy Bed Store to all of our friends and relatives.  

    Thank you again!

    ~Lauren & William       
  • William G.
  • Sonora, CA
  • 4/15/2016

    Wayne and Claudia really care about their customers!  They both explained in detail the difference between the bed in a box memory foam bed and the upgraded latex bed pure bliss.  We wanted a longer lasting bed that was not made of petroleum products so we went with the pure bliss and upgraded to a King and it is still cheaper than sleep number and tempurpedic.  They even stayed pass their closing time to help us with the financing. 

  • Laura L.
  • Folsom, CA


    Great mattress store!!!  We bought a latex mattress from this place about a year ago.  We wanted a non-toxic latex mattress and this was the only healthy mattress store in our area.  We spent a long time researching latex mattresses online and trying out the mattresses in the store.  Wayne, Claudia, and the other guy working in the store (sorry, can't remember names very well!) were all super helpful and did not pressure us to buy anything.  

    Since we were on a budget, we ended up buying one of their OMI floor models and a Woolie mattress topper.  We love our mattress!!  Now, a year later, we are moving to another state.  We called the Healthy Bed Store to get information on how best to store our mattress during the move.  Claudia went out of her way to get us this information for our specific mattress.  Definitely recommend this place!! Wonderful customer service and great products 


    I came here to look at the Bed-In-A-Box mattresses in person and Wayne was fantastic, showing me the line and explaining everything.  I did end up ordering one and through my own screw-up made a huge error on the mattress ordered and Wayne was able to work through it with me and get me what I really needed. He's fast and efficient and super easy to work with.  Highly recommended! 

  • John R.
  • Roseville, CA


    Our mattress was just delivered today and I already can't leave the bed! I am a Pediatrician and very concerned about recent studies regarding the hazardous effects of off-gassing. Wayne and Claudia were very knowledgeable on the subject and helped us pick the perfect mattress for us and our future family. With a 20 year guarantee and a mattress that feels like a dream, how can you go wrong? We spend 1/3 of our life on our mattress yet typically spend very little for them considering. When our health and happiness are at stake, the price is worth it for the results these mattresses provide. Thank you, Healthy Bed Store! We cannot wait to recommend you to our friends, family and patients! 

  • Katie L.
  • El Dorado Hills, CA


    "We can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoy our NexGel king, we noticed the difference immediately… Absolutely the best set for us… And the pillows… Thanks for working with us Wayne, the experience was everything you promised… For all those buyers out there who are undecided about the NexGel because of the cost, not to worry, you’ll be glad you made the purchase… Can’t put a price on a great nights sleep…"

    Greg and Bonnie Hutson
    “Most important, the customer service was outstanding. Wayne’s knowledge base was amazing. He had a better range of products than any other store in Northern California. He knew what every mattress was made of, where they were made (he had visited most of the factories) and the pros and cons of the materials. He invited us to sleep on the mattresses and offered to make that happen at our convenience. The delivery and setup was free, even though we have a two story house and he had to hire an extra person. He also removed our old mattress.
    After two visits and several hours we were able to find the most comfortable mattress for my tailbone issues and one that would not aggravate my allergies. I ended up with a Natura NexGel. I have had the mattress for over 5 months. I am actually sleeping less hours because I am getting such quality sleep. I was also impressed by the price. At European Sleep Design there were higher prices and we felt pressured to buy. No pressure at the Healthy Bed Store just good information and plenty of time to try out the beds!”
    Ellen Johnson — Elk Grove, CA
    "Sure, the customer service was great, I worked with Wayne on the purchase of a Natura NexGel mattress, BUT, the real kicker was the PRICE. Wayne had the best prices I could find, and I looked in a 2-hour driving radius from my home on the San Francisco peninsula. Delivery fee?? No charge. Not sure how long he can keep that up, but no delivery charge was the icing on the cake, especially when local stores in the Bay Area were charging $90 to deliver the same product to my home.

    Back to the customer service aspect: I am incredibly picky and researched ad nauseam before making such an important purchase. My wife was pregnant and with considerable back pain, and we just wanted to make sure this bed would last us for another 10 to 20 years. I kept coming back to Wayne with questions via email and phone over a several week period and he demonstrated tons of patience and was willing to spend time talking even after I had asked the same question several times.

    I also purchased some blankets from his store and there was a small issue with one of them and Wayne worked with the manufacturer to get a replacement. I just received it today with no extra charge. Wayne kept his commitment of great customer service even after I made the big purchase.

    I learned of the Healthy Bed Store from my mother who purchased an infrared sauna, and he provided them with the same great deal, great pre and post sales customer service.

    Oh, and afterwards he sent us some decadent gourmet brownies as a thank you gift. Imagine that."
    Samuel Barnes — San Mateo, CA
    "In order to fully understand our mattress odyssey, please see my review of Sleep Train in Rocklin. Suffice it to say, we had a really eye-opening experience. “Conventional mattresses” (I guess it would be rude to call them what they really are) are made of crap and the stores that sell them are part of a racket. Just one consumer’s opinion…

    I found a store in the Bay Area that makes their own mattresses. Spoke to a colleague who wasn't over the moon about the bed from them. We were feeling a bit desperate and out of viable options for non-toxic sleep solutions.

    Yelp to the rescue. Found the Healthy Bed Store as we were about to meander by European Sleep Design. (My parents like their bed from them.)

    We went by the Healthy Bed Store and it was closed. With two small kids, we had actually hired a sitter so we could look without interruption and understand what we were getting ourselves into (onto). Wayne (the owner) happened to be in the store and was kind enough to let us in. He spent over an hour with us, explaining and letting us try everything out. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his background lends credence to what he’s telling you. On top of this, he’s exceptionally patient. We ended up buying a bed from them and are very, very happy. (You may note from our other reviews that that is not always the case and these 5 stars do not come easily.) We also bought our toddler his “big boy” bed. He loves it and we feel really good about what he’s sleeping on.
    We've been back several times for bedding, etc and have continued to have great experiences with Wayne and Claudia. Our son loves Cody, their dog. All in all, it’s a great experience. Wayne and Claudia are incredibly accommodating. They follow through on what they say they will do. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure happy customers. In addition, their product selection is exactly what one would expect – no greenwashing, lots of good options, including organic, in a broad range of prices. Love that you can unzip the mattress cover and see what you’re actually getting. Wayne came to the house and “built” our multi-layered mattress when it arrived and has provided great support and service, answering all questions.

    We recommend a visit to their shop, at a minimum, if you’re in the market for a new mattress."
    Randa S. — California
    “My family is very Green and when we were in the market for a new bed we opted to buy organic, and local.
    I began a hunt for organic mattresses and for some reason I first found a store in San Francisco. I bundled up my family and drove to the city, an hour and a half away. I didn’t have the best experience there – the owner only showed me the ‘store brand’ of mattress for some reason, though probably because it’s the one with the highest markup.
    I went back to the internet assuming I was going to have to order one online, without trying it out first – horrors! Luckily I expanded my search and The Healthy Bed Store came up.
    I packed up my two year old and drove the 45 minutes to Folsom. My first impression of the showroom was pleasant. A very friendly dog, Cody, came up to greet us and next we met Claudia, the co-owner, who made us feel right at home. She kindly went over some options for mattresses with me while my son colored on all of her available paper. My son was not as enthusiastic about laying around as I was so Claudia walked him around the store while Wayne, the owner, filled me in on even more details and moved mattresses around for me. That weekend my husband was able to make it down there with us and Wayne graciously went over all the options again with him and moved a million mattresses around to build the bed that we specifically wanted.
    We decided on the Savvy Rest Serenity Pillowtop and an amazing organic wool duvet. Wayne called us as soon as they arrived at his store and came that evening to deliver them personally. He put our bed together for us and even took the packaging away with him!
    We have had the bed for awhile now and both agree that it’s the most comfortable mattress that we’ve ever owned, or slept on. The service from Wayne and Claudia was so amazing it actually leaves me a little sad that we won’t be needing another bed for years to come. Though, I will definitely be purchasing my sons next bed from them.
    I would recommend this store to anyone in the market for a really great bed! OH, and I was also very happy to find that they’re actually certified by the Sacramento Sustainable Business council in all five categories – Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Pollution Prevention, Solid Waste Reduction and Green Building! They not only provide eco-friendly and organic bedding/mattresses but also are an eco-friendly business!”
    Lina Schlotter — Sacramento, CA, 4/13/2011
    “My husband and I had been researching mattresses for a few months as our daughter prepared to move from a toddler bed to a “big girl” bed. Little did we know we’d find the perfect store right in Folsom!
    Claudia patiently explained the features of several products in the store, going far beyond the typical “just lay on it and feel it” attitude most mattress stores have. Being concerned about chemical odors of lower quality-units, we wanted to make sure our happiness with the purchase continued once we got it home.
    After a few trips (measuring our furniture, doing some research on manufacturers, etc.) we settled on a specific brand. Claudia had kept amazing mental notes on ou wants-and-needs, and the process was painless and smooth—a far cry from prior bed buying experiences.
    The 2nd half of the pair—co-owner Wayne—showed up as scheduled at our house with our daughter’s new mattress. He brought it upstairs, unpacked it, and took care of all the packing material afterwards.
    Our daughter LOVES the bed and so do we—we take turns reading to her at night and enjoying its comfort.
    Overall, this is a terrific local business and one selling great quality products alongside a genuine customer-first attitude. Very highly recommended.”
    Kristine M. — Folsom, CA, 4/3/2011
    “First and foremost, you should know that this is NOT a review posted by an owner, or a friend of the owners. We are real-life customers of this shop that felt compelled to share their experience with fellow yelpers. In other words, what you’re about to read is 100% on the level.
    My wife and I stopped by this bed shop a couple months ago to check out some Keetsa mattresses. We’re both big into being green and this place seemed like it would be right up our alley. Being a mattress shop…the only question was, what kind of salesperson were we going to be bombarded by as soon as we walked in the door?
    The answer was not applicable, as there was zero sign of bombardment from the time we walked in until the time we purchased our second Keetsa from them a month later. The lady that helped us (the co-owner…her name escapes me at the moment) was extremely friendly, very informative and practiced a zero pressure sales approach. These are all unheard of in the mattress buying world, which made working with her an absolute pleasure. She had helpful insight on all of the models, let us lay on multiple mattresses…even ones that she had to pull from the back just for us…and let us know the lead time on each model in case we wanted to purchase them.
    If you’re interested in an environmentally friendly mattress, this is without a doubt the best place to go. They have a wide selection from a whole slew of different manufacturers, and the quality of service is second to none. If you live anywhere near Folsom and you’re in the market for a comfy bed, don’t buy anything until you've paid this place a visit.”
    Nick and Adrianne B. — San Carlos, CA, 3/27/2011
    “My husband and I were extremely pleased with the service and selection at The Healthy Bed Store. Wayne made us feel welcome and let us take the time we needed to make a good decision. We love our new mattress and pillows! Plus, we feel good physically, emotionally, financially, and environmentally about our purchase.”
    Sarah M. — Pollock Pines, CA, 3/25/2011
    “Hands down the best product and best service I've experienced. I’m now the elated owner of a Natura mattress topper that has me sleeping right through the nights and waking more refreshed than I thought possible. Wayne knows his stuff and goes way out of his way to ensure great outcomes for his customers.”
    Karen K. — San Diego, CA, 1/8/2011
    “Extremely comfortable Keetsa bed and absolutely outstanding customer service from the store and from Keetsa!”
    Bob T. — Redding, CA, 12/18/2010
    "My wife and I made the decision to go to the Fresno Home Show a month ago just because we’d never been and had nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon. We were not in the market for a bed, and actually liked the king-sized custom bed we've had for over 15 years. Soon we were saw many different bed companies showing their brands of memory foam type beds and started doing the lay-downs and discussions with all the sales people. I’ve always wanted to try actually sleeping on a memory foam mattress to see if they were as wonderful as they say, but had reservations from things I’d heard over the years about mattress heat, sweating, chemical smell, body sinking into a pit, etc. I never could find a hotel in my travels that had memory foam beds to try out. So after trying out a few brands at the home show, I came across the Atanomic Global beds that Brian, from the Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, CA was representing. He was very knowledgeable, helpful, non-pushy, and oozed a great, honest personality.
    We tried out the Eco System 2 bed, discussed all the benefits of the brand and that particular bed and I knew it was a top-runner in our new quest of maybe buying a memory foam bed. Being a shopper and wanting to make sure I’ve made all the comparisons with all the companies there, I came back for another chat with Brian. So by now I’d taken up a good deal of his time and he was gracious and continued answering my endless questions. I’m in sales myself with a global company and Brian is what made my decision easy….he was the guy I wanted to buy from and, bonus, had the best product at the best price near as I could tell. Many of the others were more like car salesmen bashing the competition and pushy. We committed to the bed, and placed the order.
    A couple days later I made contact with Wayne at The Healthy Bed to ask a few more questions about delivery, our current bed frame situation, etc. Wayne was very helpful answering everything, continued email updates, delivery schedule and even a few more of my never ending questions about what I’d purchased. We had settled on the Eco System 2 mattresses, CA split King with the Reverie adjustable frame and all the bells and whistles. The delivery and set up with Brian and Wayne personally doing everything was pleasant and flawless.
    So now comes the best part….the first night ever sleeping on this mattress. The “wow” factor was immediate! I knew in the first 5 minutes that I had made the right choice with everything…. The firmness of this bed seems perfect for me and it has an excellent “solid” feel to it. No sinking too deep, no smell at all, no sweating or heat feeling, just perfect comfort and support. The bed, the adjustable frame, the Healthy Bed Store, and doing business with Brian and Wayne turned out to be a perfect combination. Even the massage feature of the adjustable frame is much better than I expected it to be. I never had any real problems with sleeping, but I don’t toss and turn nearly as much, enjoy a much deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed with no aches & pains, and can tell I’ve just had a great nights sleep. The adjustable frame is great for reading, watching TV, and the zero gravity setting is cool to use occasionally like reading the Sunday paper. If I slept on my back, which I don’t, I’m sure the zero gravity would be the perfect thing for the back sleeper person. It’s been over two weeks now and it still has that “wow” factor every night. My wife really loves it, too.
    Thanks to Brian and Wayne for making this such a great experience! Customer service with a great product at it’s best!"
    John J. Fresno — California, 4/2/2012
    "Great store and great people…extremely accommodating with outstanding customer service. We purchased several items; a new Eco mattress w/topper & pillows, and a two person ClearLight infrared sauna, which they distribute. To be pleased and satisfied with our purchases would be an understatement. This store will be our source for bedding necessities in the future, or for anything else healthy for the body which they might carry. Pricing not too heavy on the wallet, with ordering and delivery time very reasonable. Wayne & Claudia ask the right questions and make an easy understanding of the choices available, while mascot Cody keeps everything under control, and makes it look good. Thanks so much to the Healthy Bed Store for making our lives just that more comfortable and enjoyable."
    Dan M. — Shingle Springs,CA, 2/27/2012
    "Exceptional experience! I hate bed shopping, always have. Now never will! Wayne changed this forever… Read the reviews on yelp and walked in, spent an hour talking with Wayne and lying on the beds that best suited my specific medical needs and walked out with a new bed that fits me like a dream. I've slept so well on it and am so pleased. I have a number of medical issues that make sleep tricky and Wayne was able to address them all and did so in a comfortable, relaxed, professional manner. I did not feel like I was speaking to a salesman…rather more of a therapist (which he is!) and a true professional. I’m so pleased. Will be going back soon to purchase another bed that needs to be replaced, we are so happy! Thanks, Wayne!!! Love all the organic options."

    Kim M. — Folsom, CA, 1/14/2012
    "This place is great. Wayne is fantastic and extremely informative. I can’t understand why most of the reviews are filtered. This place deserves all of the praise and 5 stars! My experience – After reading many articles on the off-gassing of conventional mattresses, I decided to buy my son an organic, quality mattress. I was going to order online until I found this place. I didn’t really know what to expect going there, but this place exceeded my expectations. I was there for over an hour. I purchased a Naturepedic for my son and it’s been great! After laying on a few latex mattresses, I also decided to go back and purchase a new mattress for myself. I recently purchased a Beautyrest and it’s okay, but already losing shape. Plus, I don’t want to be breathing in fumes either. The mattresses may be pricey, but you get what you pay for! I would highly recommend checking this place out before going to a conventional mattress store. I have already recommended this place to a few people. I will for sure go back."
    Kristina R. — Sacramento, CA, 11/26/2012
    "I bought a clearance, top-of-the-line, Simmons innerspring mattress from a huge mattress retailer here in Northern California, so I can totally relate to the reviewer above about the “Mattress Odyssey”. I’ve been calling it my Mattress Journey. Anyhow, after a few weeks I became disillusioned with the mattress for many reasons, primarily because it was defective, and decided I would return it.Before I went to return it I mattress shopped, A LOT, and ended up choosing a PureLatexBliss mattress from The Healthy Bed Store in Folsom.
    The day I went to return my innerspring mattress I grabbed the paperwork and saw that clearance items are non-refundable. I felt sick to my stomach when I read that because I truly thought I could return it and now it seemed I would be stuck with a $3000 piece of crap bed.
    I called over to The Healthy Bed Store in tears, and said I won’t be able to buy my latex mattress now. Claudia (Wayne and Claudia own the store) suggested I come in and talk to Wayne. She thought he might be able to help me in this situation, as he had helped others in similar situations.
    Wayne spent a good hour with me helping me form a strategy that would probably grant me a return from the large mattress retailer. It took me two weeks of fighting to get a promise of return.
    The next day I went to The Healthy Bed Store and put a deposit on my latex bed to secure the sale price. I also told Wayne that I might have to get my deposit back if the large retailer doesn’t actually follow through on their promise. He went ahead and ordered the bed anyway and said he would honor my cancellation if things didn’t work out. But if they did work out, I could have my bed by the end of the week!
    So, eventually I scheduled a return for my innerspring mattress. I called Wayne that day and that night he was at my house with my new bed and he even carried my old bed downstairs. I slept on my new bed that night and have been incredibly pleased since then!
    Seriously, you will not get customer service like this elsewhere!
    Oh, and I was absolutely tickled that I got a thank you gift from Wayne in the mail last night! I just LOVE that personal touch!"
    Sheila S. — Fair Oaks, CA, 1/26/2012
    "I don’t write reviews. I am so pleased with my buying experience at the Healthy Bed Store that I am breaking my rule. A couple of years ago I was rear-ended in an auto accident. That accident reactivated some nerve damage in my leg added some sciatica and sent me scrambling for a comfortable place to sleep. I had a Tempur-pedic but it was old and at a certain age, we women get hot at night and the Tempur-pedic was always hot. Now it was crazy hot. I got tired of sleeping on my sofa. I was driving by and saw the store and decided to drag my husband in to see what they have. He hates shopping and hates mattress shopping even more.
    We were greeted by Claudia who showed us around explained different beds and then just left us alone to try things out for ourselves. She came back with some quotes and prices of ones we liked and we left. Next weekend we went to check out the European Sleep Design where my sister purchased her mattress (she loves). They were also very helpful and we tried several mattresses but we had by that time decided to get an adjustable bed and even though they had them, I didn't want to put the springs in their bed (that I liked) through those contortions. Back home we went. I went online to the healthy bed store to see if they had adjustable bases. It mentioned them but no prices or pictures. So I called and left a message. Wayne returned my call immediately and told me that he had them and the prices.
    When it came down to it though, the mattress we had picked out previously, would on the dual adjustable beds, be about $500 over the cash I had on hand. Wayne was very accommodating and worked the prices down for us so that we could purchase the system we wanted for the cash price. The delivery and set up was difficult with my stairs being so narrow, yet they got everything set in place as promised. We will definitely go back."
    Lynn B. – Placerville, CA, 6/7/2012

    My husband and I purchased a NexGel bed on-line through The Healthy Bed Store. Although we were hesitant to make this large of a purchase on-line, after checking that The Health Bed Store is an authorized representative, I requested an email quote. Owner, Wayne Franson, picked up the phone and called me in less than 30 minutes after receiving my email! He questioned me about what we were looking for and answered the questions we had. Before placing our order, he confirmed with the company estimated production and shipping time. Mr. Franson tracked our order and advised us once it shipped and estimated arrival. He also sent explicit instruction on ‘mattress shipment inspection’ once it arrived. The bed arrived as expected and we are thrilled! THANK YOU, Wayne Franson of The Healthy Bed Store! Kathleen Sinclair, Wyoming.

    "Before buying a mattress (REM Sleep Solutions, Paradise model) from this store we went to two other stores, the Sleep Train at Howe and Arden, and European Sleep Design in Folsom. The staff at those stores were as helpful and informed about their products, as Wayne and Claudia were about theirs, and I won’t diss them here. We tried most of their mattress in their stores and were getting confused by the different types and models. However, after we finished trying several more mattresses at the Healthy Bed Store, we realized we really liked the memory foam style, of which Tempur-Pedic is the best known. We could have just as easily bought a T-P model at the Sleep Train, but the Healthy Bed Storehad a memory foam mattress we liked (see above), at several hundred dollars savings over the T-P, so we bought it here. We also got some accessories (pillows, full mattress dust-mite covers) at discount.
    I certainly recommend you drop by the Healthy Bed Store in your search for the best mattress for you. Unlike some, the “organic” label doesn't mean that much to me…plenty of fully natural, organic things are still toxic to people. So that was not our primary reason for stopping by this store. Nevertheless we’re glad we did.
    By the way, this store has free delivery and hauling away the old mattress, like the Sleep Train, but unlike European Sleep Designs."

    Bob F. – Sacramento, CA, 7/18/2011