Customer Testimonials

"We can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoy our NexGel king, we noticed the difference immediately… Absolutely the best set for us… And the pillows… Thanks for working with us Wayne, the experience was everything you promised… For all those buyers out there who are undecided about the NexGel because of the cost, not to worry, you’ll be glad you made the purchase… Can’t put a price on a great nights sleep…"
Greg and Bonnie Hutson
“Most important, the customer service was outstanding. Wayne’s knowledge base was amazing. He had a better range of products than any other store in Northern California. He knew what every mattress was made of, where they were made (he had visited most of the factories) and the pros and cons of the materials. He invited us to sleep on the mattresses and offered to make that happen at our convenience. The delivery and setup was free, even though we have a two story house and he had to hire an extra person. He also removed our old mattress.
After two visits and several hours we were able to find the most comfortable mattress for my tailbone issues and one that would not aggravate my allergies. I ended up with a Natura NexGel. I have had the mattress for over 5 months. I am actually sleeping less hours because I am getting such quality sleep. I was also impressed by the price. At European Sleep Design there were higher prices and we felt pressured to buy. No pressure at the Healthy Bed Store just good information and plenty of time to try out the beds!”
Ellen Johnson — Elk Grove, CA
"Sure, the customer service was great, I worked with Wayne on the purchase of a Natura NexGel mattress, BUT, the real kicker was the PRICE. Wayne had the best prices I could find, and I looked in a 2-hour driving radius from my home on the San Francisco peninsula. Delivery fee?? No charge. Not sure how long he can keep that up, but no delivery charge was the icing on the cake, especially when local stores in the Bay Area were charging $90 to deliver the same product to my home.
Back to the customer service aspect: I am incredibly picky and researched ad nauseam before making such an important purchase. My wife was pregnant and with considerable back pain, and we just wanted to make sure this bed would last us for another 10 to 20 years. I kept coming back to Wayne with questions via email and phone over a several week period and he demonstrated tons of patience and was willing to spend time talking even after I had asked the same question several times.
I also purchased some blankets from his store and there was a small issue with one of them and Wayne worked with the manufacturer to get a replacement. I just received it today with no extra charge. Wayne kept his commitment of great customer service even after I made the big purchase.
I learned of the Healthy Bed Store from my mother who purchased an infrared sauna, and he provided them with the same great deal, great pre and post sales customer service.
Oh, and afterwards he sent us some decadent gourmet brownies as a thank you gift. Imagine that."
Samuel Barnes — San Mateo, CA
"In order to fully understand our mattress odyssey, please see my review of Sleep Train in Rocklin. Suffice it to say, we had a really eye-opening experience. “Conventional mattresses” (I guess it would be rude to call them what they really are) are made of crap and the stores that sell them are part of a racket. Just one consumer’s opinion…
I found a store in the Bay Area that makes their own mattresses. Spoke to a colleague who wasn't over the moon about the bed from them. We were feeling a bit desperate and out of viable options for non-toxic sleep solutions.
Yelp to the rescue. Found the Healthy Bed Store as we were about to meander by European Sleep Design. (My parents like their bed from them.)
We went by the Healthy Bed Store and it was closed. With two small kids, we had actually hired a sitter so we could look without interruption and understand what we were getting ourselves into (onto). Wayne (the owner) happened to be in the store and was kind enough to let us in. He spent over an hour with us, explaining and letting us try everything out. He is incredibly knowledgeable and his background lends credence to what he’s telling you. On top of this, he’s exceptionally patient. We ended up buying a bed from them and are very, very happy. (You may note from our other reviews that that is not always the case and these 5 stars do not come easily.) We also bought our toddler his “big boy” bed. He loves it and we feel really good about what he’s sleeping on.
We've been back several times for bedding, etc and have continued to have great experiences with Wayne and Claudia. Our son loves Cody, their dog. All in all, it’s a great experience. Wayne and Claudia are incredibly accommodating. They follow through on what they say they will do. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure happy customers. In addition, their product selection is exactly what one would expect – no greenwashing, lots of good options, including organic, in a broad range of prices. Love that you can unzip the mattress cover and see what you’re actually getting. Wayne came to the house and “built” our multi-layered mattress when it arrived and has provided great support and service, answering all questions.
We recommend a visit to their shop, at a minimum, if you’re in the market for a new mattress."
Randa S. — California