Why Do We Sleep Flat?

Seriously… why do we sleep flat? Mainly because most people don’t know how to sleep any other way. Well, we are about to change this.

But first, are you dealing with any of the following issues that affect your quality of sleep:

  • Snoring
  • Acid Reflux or GERD
  • Poor circulation, especially in the legs
  • Lower back pain along the spine
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Sciatica or Restless Leg Syndrome

Do you use pillows to elevate your head to help reduce your snoring and acid reflux, just to find those pillows on the floor in the middle of the night? The symptoms of these conditions listed here can be greatly reduced and even eliminated just from elevating the head and legs and the best way is by using an adjustable bed base.

It has been found that elevating your head just 7 degrees will open up the airway and reduce snoring. The same goes for reducing the symptoms of acid reflux, GERD, and hiatal hernia pain.

By elevating the legs, this will tilt the pelvis backwards by shortening the hip flexor muscles which can then open up the disk spaces reducing compression on the spinal nerves. Elevating the legs is a must for anyone with lymphedema by using gravity to drain the fluid in the legs into the lymph nodes.

The ultimate position to achieve maximum relief is what is known as the “zero-gravity” position. This is where the head has been raised to the same level as the legs and most adjustable bases have a preset button that operates the base into that position.

But only old people get adjustable bases, right? Actually, there are three types of adjustable base purchasers:

  • People with medical conditions where using an adjustable base is known to help. There are many other medical conditions beyond what is listed here that are known to be helped with an adjustable base.
  • The lifestyle purchaser is someone who will use the adjustable base for other activities besides sleep. This includes watching TV, reading and knitting. Many people now sit up in their bed while working from home on their computer or surfing the internet.
  • Many people use an adjustable base for both reasons. They work, read or watch TV, then go to sleep while having their head and legs elevated

To use an adjustable base, you need to check to see if your mattress is “adjustable base friendly”. In other words, can it bend and flex with the base or does it have a rigid innerspring system? If it does, you will need to purchase a new mattress along with the base. Your mattress most likely is ready to be replaced and many of our mattress/adjustable base systems can last 20+ years.

Want to know more about adjustable bed bases, their features and their benefits? Go to healthybedstore.com and request to download our adjustable base buyers guide. For questions regarding adjustable bases and their use, call our store at 916-500-8187 or email to customerservice@healthybedstore.com



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