Why Buying a Bed from an Organic and Natural Mattress Store Is the First Step to Stopping Allergies

Allergies affect millions of Americans and result in symptoms such as a constantly runny nose, sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, and nasal congestion. What you may not know though is that your bed itself may be causing allergies. An old bed tends to be a breeding ground for millions of dust mites - tiny critters which produce waste materials and shed body parts that may start allergic reactions and asthma. Furthermore, some beds release toxic chemicals that come from unsafe materials inside, and such chemicals may initiate allergies too. A bed from an organic and natural mattress store may be just what you need to reduce asthma and allergies.

Buy Hypoallergenic Beds from an Organic and Natural Mattress Store

What’s Inside Your Decade-Old Bed?

You don’t need a microscope to find this out, but if you have a bed that’s ten years old or more, chances are it has millions of dust mites already as well as mold in it! In fact, after two years of using the same pillow, 10% of its weight is composed of dust mite droppings and their body parts. If you measure the weight of your new mattress at the point of purchase and compare it a decade later, it will be much heavier, courtesy of dust mite and mold. If you’re wondering why your bed is a nest for dust mites, it’s because they eat dead skin humans shed during sleep.

In addition, mold develops in your bed after years of moisture seeping into it. Babies and young children also tend to accidentally wet the bed and sweat significantly as they slumber. Both can greatly increase mold production. Mold, in turn, releases spores that tend to trigger allergic reactions and asthma.

Furthermore, some types of beds have too many chemicals that are bad for you health. For instance, the flame retardants they usually douse the mattresses with are made of toxic materials that are harmful especially to people who have allergies and asthma.

Why Buy a Bed from an Organic and Natural Mattress Store

If your mattress is a decade old, it’s time to buy a bed from an organic and natural mattress store that offers options that have been certified as hypoallergenic. Many organic mattress stores sell brands that have GOTS certification, which means that these beds have certified natural and organic materials AND do not use the same toxic chemicals in the production, packaging, and distribution process as other brands. A GOTS-certified bed confirms that the mattress is safe and will not trigger any allergies. Furthermore, organic and natural mattresses tend to have very dense materials that prevent the reproduction of dust mites and development of molds.

If you often have allergies, or if your allergies worsen after sleeping, it may be time to replace your bed.  A bed older than ten years may host a lot of dust mites and mold.  To reduce allergic reactions, consider buying a mattress with a GOTS certification seal from an organic and natural mattress store.

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