Which Of the Various Memory Foam Mattresses in Sacramento Is Right for You?

There are many things you can do to help get a good night’s sleep. You can lower your caffeine intake, avoid daytime naps, or even take a melatonin supplement. You can also replace your old bed or worn out bed with a with a memory foam mattress.

Top mattress stores in Sacramento, such as The Healthy Bed Store, offer memory foam mattress as a flagship product, and for good reason. These beds have a variety of great qualities and they are also the only mattress that can limit motion transfer, which means you won’t feel the bed moving when the other person tosses and turns.

Thanks to the high market demand for memory foam mattress, manufacturers have created various options for consumers. Here are four of today’s most popular types of memory foam mattress you can choose from.


A cool memory foam mattress has a dense core infused with gel particles, which release a cooling sensation. Also, it has an open-cell structure that allows for better airflow and breathability. That, along with the natural coolness of gel, doubles the comfort you feel when you lie on your memory foam mattress. Some cool memory foam mattresses are not infused with gel particles but instead have an extremely comfortable fabric on its top layer, which is capable of wicking away excess body heat and moisture.


If you don’t want your bed cool all the time, especially during winter, consider having a temperature-regulating memory mattress instead. This mattress has a special layer that absorbs and holds excess body heat during a warm evening and releases it when you’re feeling cold. This is the perfect bed to use all year round because it adjusts to your body’s temperature.

Pocket Sprung

This type of memory foam mattress combines the plushness of foam and stability of pocket springs. The pocket springs help reduce the density of the mattress core, thereby increasing its breathability. They provide enough support to counter considerable weight, which makes pocket sprung mattresses perfect for heavy sleepers. Hybrid beds have always been considered a more ideal option because they let you experience the best of both worlds.


When you lie down on a traditional mattress, you will notice a gap between your lower back and the mattress. This gap increases the pressure on your hip. With an orthopedic memory foam mattress, however, you can experience pressure relief on this area because the mattress molds to the contour of your body and not the other way around. This in turn promotes spinal alignment and healthy body circulation.

The best place to buy a memory foam mattress is at a certified organic mattress store in Sacramento, such as The Healthy Bed Store. They offer wide variety of memory foam mattresses and accessories, and carry the country’s most trusted brands.





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