What's Protecting Your Mattress?


I’ve learned many things about sleep, mattresses and bedding since I started here at the Healthy Bed Store.  But one thing I already knew thanks to my mother was to use a mattress protector.

If you think of your mattress as an investment, then protecting it seems only natural. There are statistics and charts about how much we sweat at night, the possibility of dust mites and even scarier topics.  These statistics are used primarily to help you overcome any reluctant you might have about spending a little more to protect your mattress from spills and other types of crud (a not very scientific term for all those dangers lurking around your mattress).

At the Healthy Bed Store we have two top sellers.  Our most popular organic mattress protector is a jersey knit cotton with food-grade plastic as the moisture barrier made by Gotcha Covered.   This is a great product to use with an organic mattress.


Our other popular product is Sleep Calm (formerly Clean Shield) Mattress protector by Leggett & Platt.  Sleep Calm provides an impenetrable moisture barrier for superior protection from spills.


Both protectors are machine washable.  It’s a lot easier to pop a protector into your washing machine than to try to carefully spot clean your mattress.

Stop by or give us a call.  We love to talk about our products.  We’re located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, 2690 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.  Our phone number is (916) 351-0700.



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