What to expect from a Healthy Bed Store Online White Glove Delivery

White glove, the image sounds so elegant and refined.  I’m not sure why a delivery crew coming to set-up your adjustable base became known as White Glove delivery.   My guess is it’s because White Glove Delivery sounds crispier and looks better on your computer screen than the words "a delivery crew coming to set-up your adjustable base".

So what can you expect when you order your adjustable base with White Glove Delivery from the Healthy Bed Store?  The best part of White Glove Delivery is that you don’t have to find a friend or relative to help you do the heavy lifting.  Some bases can weight up to 250 pounds.  A delivery crew will carry in the base or bases and do the installation.   All you need to do is work the remote and make sure that everything is functioning as it should.

Before all that is set in motion you’ll hear from The Healthy Bed Store either via e-mail or phone as we gather information for the Delivery Company.  The Delivery Company needs to know how simple or complicated the delivery is going to be.   Upstairs delivery may take up to three people to carry all that weight up a flight or more of stairs.    

The Delivery Company is selected by the manufacturer (Leggett and Platt or Reverie).  Once your base is received by the Delivery Company they have up to five days to make the delivery.   The Delivery Company will contact you directly to make arrangement for the delivery.

On delivery day, the delivery team will need you to have everything ready.  No obstructions in their path, and your bedroom ready for the White Glove team to install the base and get you ready for a better night sleep.

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