Up Your Comfort: Mattress Stores Share Tips to Make Beds More Comfy

It is no secret that a good, comfortable bed is one of the most important factors for better sleep at night. Although comfort is highly subjective, many beds will begin to lose their “comfort factor” over the years. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help mprove the comfort level of your bed. Some of these steps include:

Find a Good Mattress Topper

Is your current mattress a little too stiff for you but purchasing a brand new mattress at this time is not an option? In this scenario, purchasing a mattress topper from one of your local mattress stores in Sacramento is one of the quickest and most effective ways to make your bed more comfortable. One of the more recommended mattress toppers is memory foam due to the fantastic comfort and support that it can provide. In fact, many people who have used one claim that it feels like they were sleeping on a brand new bed!

Don’t Forget to Look at New Pillows

If you’ve been experiencing a bit of discomfort in your neck when you wake up, it’s possible that your pillows are no longer providing adequate support. When shopping for a new pillow, try to look for ones made of more comfortable materials. Memory foam pillows are a great choice since they provide great support. Latex pillows are also a choice you may want to look into. Pillows stuffed with buckwheat or wool can also be great choices.

Consider Getting a New Comforter

A good quality comforter can make your sleep environment a lot cozier. If this is the first time you’re buying a comforter, keep in mind that going for a higher quality is a better investment. Try taking a look at silk or a down comforter for maximum comfort. Don’t forget to check the measurements of your bed to make sure you purchase the right size.

Choose the Right Sheets

Colors and patterns aren’t the only thing you should consider when choosing bed sheets. Yes, thread count is another factor to consider, but a higher thread count isn’t always the clearest indicator of a particular set of sheets’ comfort level. Pay closer attention to the kind of cotton used. In particular, Egyptian cotton and Supima cotton are the most desirable. American cotton is also a good choice. If the sheets are a blend of cotton and another material, make sure the other material is of high quality as well such as bamboo.

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