Top 4 Health Benefits of Getting Quality Sleep (Get an Organic Latex Mattress)

Humans are the only mammal species that willingly delays sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. All other living things don’t resist their feeling of sleepiness simply because they understand how badly that can affect their health. It seems as if humans are constantly distracted by the many offerings of life that they tend to neglect things that are truly important, such as sleep. Here are some facts about sleeping that will convince you to spend more time in bed from now on.


Organic Mattress for the Good Night’s Sleep You and Your Family Need


Keeps You in Shape . . . Literally

A lot of people believe that too much sleep will make them fat (perhaps because sleeping is often associated with being a couch potato). Well, the facts are saying otherwise. Studies show that short sleep duration is one of the strongest risk factors for obesity. However, this is not to say that sleeping will cause you to slim down or burn fat but instead getting quality sleep helps regulate the production of hormones responsible for normalizing fat growth.


Improves Concentration

People who regularly get sufficient amount of sleep tend to be more productive than those who are suffering from certain sleep deprivation. This is because their brain functions much more normally when they’ve slept well. Sleeping has been proven to help improve concentration and cognition, which are key to performance and productivity. It even helps sharpen problem solving skills and memory performance.


Prevents Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Each cell in the body needs glucose for energy. Glucose is a type of sugar that is found in foods and drinks. To transform glucose into energy, it has to be processed by insulin, a type of hormone produced by the pancreas that is responsible for glucose absorption. Studies show that sleep deprivation prevents the cells from reacting to insulin. As a result, the cells don’t get the energy it needs. This condition is more popularly known as Type 2 Diabetes.


Helps Reduce Depression

Depression is one of the types of mental health issues that have direct link to sleep disorder. In fact, majority of those suffering from depression often complain about sleep deprivation. Conversely, most people with sleep disorder are often diagnosed with depression. Prolonging your sleeping hours will help reduce risk for depression, if not eliminate it altogether.

There are a lot of other health benefits to having enough sleep every day. One way to achieve this is to sleep on a soft and comfy organic latex mattress. It also helps improve relaxation and peace of mind to sleep on a mattress that is certified organic, because you don’t have to worry about inhaling potentially toxic substances from the bed. Find the mattress you need by visiting the nearest mattress store. 



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