Top 3 Reasons Why Natural Latex Mattress Is the Best Choice for You

People are getting more conscious about their well-being today – from the food they eat to ensuring that the most basic house appliance passes stringent requirements to maintain and promote health.

In Sacramento, latex mattresses are fast becoming the top choice for the discerning consumer. However, not all latex mattresses are the same – many shoppers are opting to choose a natural latex mattress over a conventionally manufactured one.

natural latex mattress

Here are the top three reasons why you, too, should make the switch:

Natural latex mattresses are well-known for the comfort and support they provide.

Most mattress shoppers are looking for a bed that can fully support their spine without adding any stress or discomfort by either being too firm or too soft. Furthermore, most would like a mattress that conforms to their shoulder and hip bones to possibly relieve back and muscle pains brought about by a long day’s work.

Natural latex mattresses just hit the right spot when it comes to balancing comfort and support, which leads to a very good night’s sleep.

Natural latex mattresses are very durable and do not require harmful additives.

Being extracted from rubber tree might have something to do with its durability as a latex mattress lasts for more than ten years. It is highly resistant to foreign materials such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. Also, unlike your traditional mattress, those made from natural latex do not require the addition of chemical fire retardants.

This means that you can rest your head safely knowing that the bed you are lying on won’t have you inhaling harmful chemical fumes while you sleep. The fact that you won’t have to find another mattress for the next decade or so is also something that will help you sleep soundly!

Natural latex mattresses do not require manufacturers to cut rubber trees for production.

Aside from being healthy, the production of natural latex mattresses is quite harmless to the environment as latex is harvested from rubber trees by collecting serum or sap via a tap. These rubber trees have bark that heals quickly and completely after the collection of the rubber sap, which makes the production and manufacturing quite sustainable.

By buying a natural latex mattress, you do not just do your own body a favor but you also help the thousands of rubber tree farmers with their livelihood.

Since a third of your life is spent sleeping, it is only wise to choose the best mattress that promotes and maintains your health in the best possible way. Visit your favorite bed store like the Healthy Bed Store in Folsom to get more details on the various health benefits of a natural latex mattress.


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