Time to add a new mattress to your list of back to school supplies?

You’ve shopped in person or over the Internet and finally located all the back to school supplies on your child’s list.  You have binders, pens, paper, highlighters, post-it notes, rulers, glue sticks and index cards.  You want your future honor student to be ready and you’ve shopped till you almost dropped trying to make sure that every item on the supply list was in your student’s backpack.

However, there’s one more item to consider.  It’s not on the supply list and definitely won’t fit into a backpack but it’s extremely important.  We are talking of course about a good night’s sleep.   Experts agree that quality sleep is important in helping your student realize his or her potential.  According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine children from six to twelve should sleep a minimum of nine hours a night.  The recommended amount for teenagers is between eight to ten hours per night.  If you want to read more here's an article from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

If you look at these numbers and think that’s just not possible, you’re not alone.  Busy lives make bedtimes later and wake times earlier as we try to cram as much as possible into our waking moments.  Yet we can’t minimize the importance of sleep, although as a parent you know that encouraging your students to adopt healthy habits is often easier in theory than in practice.

There is one thing that you can do to help your student sleep well and that is evaluate their mattress.  Over the years mattresses can breakdown and no longer provide the spinal support that your child needs or they can be uncomfortable making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

One mattress that we recommend for students is the Metta® Bed.  (It even sounds smart.)  The Metta® Bed is a customizable mattress that is comprised of two-three inch layers of natural latex.  The latex is then covered in a GOTS-Certified organic cotton quilted cover.  The flame barrier is GOTS-Certified organic wool.  There are at least three different configurations including

  • Plush - Extra Soft over Soft
  • Medium - Soft over Medium
  • Firm - Medium over Medium


With the Plush and Medium versions, the layers can be switched for a firmer feel. We have all arrangements available for you to try in our showroom.  We would suggest considering a Twin XL or larger mattress for your growing student because this is a bed that is built to last.  The Metta® Bed is designed to be shipped directly to you. 

We invite you into our showroom to try the Metta® Bed as well as other customizable choices.  We are located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center.  Our address is 2690 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.

If you live out of the Greater Sacramento area you can order the Metta® Bed online or by phone.   If you want to know more about the different configuration we invite you to give us a call or communicate with us via our website.  We’re here to help and will do our best to answer your questions.  Our number is (916) 351-0700.

Thanks for finding our website and reading this blog.  We are excited about the Metta® Bed and appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about it. 


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