While adjustable beds have become more affordable and generally accessible to consumers, it can still be a sizable investment in your well-being. When buying an adjustable base bed, carefully consider your needs and preferences first. Otherwise, you’ll end up with buyer’s remorse. Here’s what you need to avoid when you make way to your local mattress store.

What Every Buyer Should Avoid When Investing in an Adjustable Base Bed 

Getting the Wrong Kind of Mattress

Some people get too caught up in buying their first adjustable bed and don’t spend enough time focusing on the mattress. Keep in mind that not all mattresses are ideal to use with an adjustable base bed. It needs to be flexible enough to conform to the contour of the frame and durable enough to withstand the repeated compressions of the adjustable bases. For this reason, a mattress with springs is a poor fit. Your best choices are a memory foam or a pure latex mattress with at least 10-14 inches of thickness. Both offer enough flexibility, firmness, support and comfort especially for someone with a bad back.

Being Inconsiderate of Your Bed Mate

Are you buying the adjustable bed only for yourself? If you’re going to share the bed with a partner who doesn’t need to sleep in an inclined position or perhaps requires a different angle of incline than you, it’s best to ask around for beds that allow the use different settings. There are some split king-size and queen-size beds that can be customized for each side of the bed available. While you’re at it, try out the bed and see if the adjustment motor is too loud for your tastes. You don’t want loud whirring sounds or sudden movements to wake up your bed mate in the middle of the night.

Not Getting Familiar with Features

Many adjustable beds today come with plenty of built-in features including customizable lumbar areas, massagers and timers. Before you leave the store, make sure that you know how to operate and troubleshoot all the moving parts. If it’s a ready to assemble product, have a store staff explain how you can take it apart and put it back together as well. This way, if you need to move out or transfer the bed to another room, you can do it by yourself. Make sure it also comes with instructions that you can understand easily.

At the end of the day, personal preference is the most important factor in choosing an adjustable bed. Take your time looking around the store for one that will suit your needs.



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