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As someone who an overactive mind it’s hard for me to quiet my thoughts. Yesterday I read an article about restless leg syndrome (RLS), an almost uncontrollable need to move your legs at night.   RLS is a serious problem and is estimated to affect about 10% of the population.  It ‘s considered a sleep disorder because it interferes with a good night’s sleep.  Fortunately I don’t suffer from RLS, rather my ailment could be dubbed restless mind syndrome. 

Restless mind syndrome is when the brain won’t quit even though it’s bedtime.  I first experienced restless mind syndrome when I was in high school.  I use to stay awake replaying the events of the day.  It was no wonder that I had a hard time getting up the next morning. Recounting today is no way to prepare for tomorrow.

In our fast paced world with multiple responsibilities it’s easy to understand just how restless a mind can be.   Job stress, personal problems and even your to-do list can contribute to restless mind syndrome. It’s hard to get the rest you need when you can’t hit a mental off switch.  However, a popular suggestion is to write down those things that occupy or even preoccupy your thoughts.  I’ve seen this referred to as a worry journal but it doesn’t have to be defined or limited by your worries.  Anything that is keeping you awake can be capture in your journal, whether it’s an actual paper copy or a digital version.

How you record your thoughts is individual to you.  But there seems to be something liberating about the physical act of writing things down or entering them into our devices.  Your brain no longer has to hold onto these thoughts because they are captured elsewhere.  

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of sleep, although it is possible.  My father use to say, “There’s no problem sleep can’t cure”. Obviously my father was given to exaggeration, but he was right in a way because lack of sleep can cause problems.

As a bed store we are committed to helping you get the rest you need.  A journal is helpful.   But if one entry is buying a new mattress we invite you in for a conversation.   And if a worry is dealing with pushy salespeople we want to reassure you that we take a low-keyed approach.  We seek to understand what you are looking for in a mattress so that we can make recommendation based on your preferences.

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