The Surprising Perks of Sleep and Why You Should Visit Mattress Stores

Sleep is the one thing most people should get more of. According to a Gallup Poll, about 40% of Americans get less than the ideal amount of sleep in a day--averaging just 6.8 hours.

This is hardly surprising, however, given the hectic pace of modern life. From the workplace to the home, there’s an endless parade of tasks to finish. It’s unfortunate, though, that when short on time, sleep is the first thing that is sacrificed. But, if you knew more of the many benefits of sleeping, perhaps you’d want to get more of it.

Better Health

Studies have shown that lack of sleep can increase your likelihood of developing heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, among other serious ailments. Indeed, the longer you sleep, the better your chances of living longer.

Improve Learning Skills

Trying to learn a new language or pick up a new sport? Sleep on it! While practice makes perfect, your brain has a natural threshold for learning while it is awake. Sleeping on something gives your brain time to process and fit all the pieces together, allowing you to actually learn things faster.

Boost Creativity

If your muse has gone AWOL, here’s a simple solution: Get more sleep. Sleep not only consolidates your memories, it also reorganizes and restructures them. As such, you may find links between seemingly disparate ideas that you wouldn’t otherwise have made if you were awake.

Keep the Pounds Off

Did you know that sleep and metabolism are governed by the same part of your brain? Subsequently, people who get less sleep also tend to be more prone to food cravings and weight gain. A study from the University of Chicago also found that dieters who are well rested tend to lose more fat than those who are sleep deprived, who conversely shed more muscle mass.

The Role of a Good Mattress

Of course, quality of sleep is just as important as quantity of sleep, and in that regard, a good mattress is invaluable. If you’re not satisfied with your current one, visit a quality mattress stores in Sacramento to find a suitable replacement.

While you’re shopping a mattress sale in the Sacramento area, make sure to get a mattress made from all-natural material. Such beds contain no chemicals that can harm you and your family’s health.


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