The Important Role that Your Mattress Plays in Your Overall Health

When it comes to getting a decent amount of sleep at night, most people would consider the size of their bed, the number of pillows they have, or even how well the room is able to block out light as important factors. As obvious as it sounds, the quality of the mattress itself can often be overlooked.

A lot of people assume that mattresses are created equal. To them, as long as it doesn’t sag or it is able to provide that back support, it should be fine. However, what they don’t realize is that their tossing and turning, which keeps them up all night and so affects their productivity the following day, may have every bit to do with the quality of their bed. A local Sacramento mattress store shares how important it is for your overall health.


Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Bed: How It Can Affect Your Sleep


Stress Reduction

Everybody undergoes stress in one way or another throughout the day. The biggest opportunity you have to recover is by getting good quality sleep. You can only get this if your mattress is comfortable enough to allow you to experience full relaxation.

In previous studies, it’s been found that those who slept on firmer beds, which are characteristic of newer units, experienced a “significant decrease in stress.” It’s easy to imagine how this simple act of upgrading the mattress can already have a huge impact on somebody’s well-being. Having a high level of comfort allows the body to relax, thereby decreasing the tendency to worry, be nervous and irritable, or even suffering from headaches.



Pollens, peanuts, seafood—all these are common triggers of allergies, but what most people don’t realize is that mattresses should be included in this list, too. You may not know it but the mattress you’re sleeping on could very well be the reason why you have allergy issues.

Bed bugs, dust mites, and other microscopic creatures can call your bed their home, which essentially makes you an intruder to them every time you sleep on it. Accumulated dust and other micro-debris can also be causing your skin some irritability. Of course, these are all invisible to the eye, which is why you are less likely to suspect your mattress as the trigger for your allergies. Now that you know better, however, you could better protect yourself by immediately switching up to a new, hypo-allergenic mattress.


Joint and Muscle Pain

Your entire body is supposed to be relaxed when you sleep. Sometimes, however, it turns out that you feel even more exhausted upon waking up. It’s highly possible that your mattress is not letting your body find the most optimal position of comfort, which is why you feel all achy and sore in the morning.

A trusted mattress store such as The Healthy Bed Store in Sacramento, CA can help you find the right mattress for you so you don’t compromise your health and comfort any longer.



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