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At the Healthy Bed Store we are always looking for the right products for our customers.  Twice a year I travel to Las Vegas for the Furniture Industry’s big show called Las Vegas Market.  The Market is a filled with vendors seeking to showcase their products. It’s an intense few days of product shopping, especially when the shows fall in the heat of a Las Vegas summer.

There’s never a lack of things to do at Market.  There’s face time spent visiting with our current suppliers and friends in the industry, as well as checking out the new products.  A lot happens in those few days and the trick is to sort out the trendy from the products that will stand the test of time and fit the needs of our customers.

Over the years as I toured Market and saw what others were doing I wondered could I improve upon what is being offered.  It was my dream to launch a private label line for the Healthy Bed Store. This would allow me to work with leaders in the mattress industry as well as with up-and-comers to design products that would be right for my customers.

Many Las Vegas Markets later we finally launched the Healthy Bed Store Collection with private label mattresses, pillows and sheets, the backbone of a healthy bed.

We carry three budget-friendly mattresses, the Sikanni, the Maitland and the Rainier.  The Sikanni is a memory foam mattress with a 3” layer of cooling gel to help alleviate heat build-up.  The Maitland is a hybrid mattress with pocketed coils and foam layers.  The Rainier has 8” pocketed coils and foam layers, with the top layer infused with copper and gel.  These mattresses carry a 100-night money back guarantee.  The mattresses are a great choice for those just starting out or for a guest room.  These supportive and well-designed mattresses have been third-party certified for content, safety, durability and emissions.

A new mattress deserves a new pillow and we have two in our private collection. These pillows are made by hand here in California especially for the Healthy Bed Store.  The pillows are made from latex noodles and natural kapok. These materials are non-toxic and breathable.  The pillows are customizable which means that you can adjust the fill to find the height that is right for you.  Covered in 100% certified organic cotton these pillows are available in a crescent side-sleeper shape or the more traditional soap shape.


Finally to top off your Healthy Bed we have organic cotton sheets.  What attracted me to these sheets was the color choices that went beyond the usually white and natural.


Call, click or come in to see our Healthy Bed Product Line.  We are located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center in Folsom, CA 95630.



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