The Benefits Of Copper Gel In Memory Foam Mattresses

Is using copper in mattresses just a marketing gimmick? Absolutely not and we will explain why.

Most memory foam mattresses can sleep hot (not ours!) and especially in the summer time, that trapped body heat will make it difficult to get a great night’s sleep.

Introducing copper gel memory foam –

  • Copper is highly conductive which helps to dissipate excess body heat to provide the coolest and most comfortable sleep that you will ever find in a memory foam mattress.
  • Copper infused foam has a high moisture absorption and wicking ability while releasing moisture quickly, contributing to the cooling performance of the mattress.
  • Copper is a natural element and is known to have exceptional antimicrobial properties which keeps your new mattress free from viruses, bacteria and odors. When our copper infused memory foam is compressed, the copper particles will become concentrated at the surface of the foam. This layer forms an antimicrobial film closest to your body while you sleep.

The copper infused foam that we use in our Olympic and Rainier mattresses is actually a hyper-elastic foam that is designed to contour your body similar to visco-elastic foam but with the superior pressure-point relief of latex. This foam is called a latex alternative foam and comes in various firmnesses from plush to firm.

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