Fraud - 1. intentional perversion of truth in order to induce another to part with something of value (your money!) or to surrender a legal right. 2. Deceit, trickery, sharp practice or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair advantage.

If you are considering signing up for Telplex, please read through the following testimonials about their services and how they treat their customers.

If you are a current customer of Telplex and are being subject to their predatory practices, the webpage will give you key stategies on how you can embarrass them so much they will pay you to go away.

My Story - I had to close my business at the end of Sept 2020. I called to turn off all utilities, gas, electric and the phone/internet service through Telplex. I obviously was not going to need it anymore. But, Telplex refused to turn off the service and was billing me every month. By January, I had a balance of $550.55 which they told me to pay or will be sent to collections so I paid it.

I did not receive a bill for Feb. and March so it looks all good. Then I receive a bill in April and one in May so right now they are after me for $284.69. Last month I had a very heated conversation with Alex who flat out said "I am going to turn your service off right now". Well, he didn't but he has lied to me many times already so I am not surprised.

Lets see what former employees of Telplex have to say:

Edson B.
Sun Valley, CA 5/5/2020

I worked for them for a month and was horrified at how bad this place is. "Customer Support" would actually yell at customers who were trying to fight back the ridiculous charges they have. They will talk as fast as possible to confuse you and try to get you to agree to switching services to them. Do not do it. Save yourselves.

BTW this place used to call themselves preferred long distance. They probably realized how bad their rep already was so they decided to just change their name. Wouldn't surprise me if they are preparing to do this again soon.


I own a business and I know the power of social media, testimonials and reviews can play on the reputation of a company so I decided to check them out. Here is what I found out:

BBB - 114 complaints, 28 reviews, all one-star - Rated F -

238 one-star reviews on Yelp -

13 one-star reviews on - and

Thats 393 verified one-star complaint/reviews for Telplex

Telplex seems to spend a lot of time with FCC cases that they mostly lose.

In addition, on 5/6/19, the FCC determined that Telplex violated the Communications Act -  Telplex again violated same -  and again  and again  I found 6 more cases where the award was granted. 

The solution to being released from their fraudulent predatory practices is to make them want for you to go away. Here is how you do it (these are all the steps that I will be doing myself):

1. File a BBB complaint - this has been the most successful way of getting resolution of money back and canceling service. Use link above.

2. File a Public Utilities Commission (PUC) complaint-  They accept complaints but you need to look up the PUC office in your state.

3. Put a complaint/review on all of the review sites list above every day. And I truly mean every day. It will be found on internet searches much easier.

4. Go to their Facebook page and wherever it says comment, you post your complaint/review there. Again, you are going to do it every day. I counted 47 places you can post

5. Find any other social media sites to post if you can.

6. This is going to be the hardest one for some but is incredibly effective. You are going to call Telplex, ask for a senior management person if possible and then idenify yourself and the problem with your account. Tell them that you are going to call them 1-2 rimes a day and then you are going to turn into a total bitch with speaking to them with the rudest and most disgusting potty mouth you can come up with. Again, we are trying to make it to where they want to close your account and give you your money back just so you will go away.

Here's another thing that I am going to do. I have registered the domains,, and I am going to create three websites with the text of this post and I am sure it will be found on page one if someone does a search for Telplex so they can read about how terrible this company is.

I have already put in a BBB complaint and I plan on calling Telplex today to tell them what is going to happen if they don't close and refund my account.

Here is the contact info for the head of the company. I recommend calling them every day and tell your rep at Telplex that you will say XXXX told me to call you:

Jerry Nussbaum CEO - 888-235-2026

Keith Nussbaum - Executive Officer

16830 Ventura Blvd., Suite 350

Encino, CA 91436

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