Sleep Advice from the Experts – Have a Bedtime ritual

Is flopping into bed your bedtime ritual?  You’ve had a busy day with more items on your to do list than most people could accomplish in a week.  No wonder you’re tempted to squeeze in one more thing before you turn in for the night.  However, if you have trouble sleeping you may want to rethink your nightly routine (or lack thereof).

The benefits of sleep have been well documented.  If you are having trouble sleeping it’s probably not because you think sleep is unimportant.  But it may be that you need to establish a true bedtime ritual that incorporates helpful habits to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

How you actually determine what to change may depend on your situation and personality.  Some people like to record and analyze data and for them a sleep journal might be very helpful.  Others might see that as one more thing on an already, overcrowded list of daily activities.

However, you approach it we have a few simple suggestions. You might start by asking yourself if that one may want to ask yourself is that one more thing really more important than sleep?  And will you agree in the morning that it was vital to complete that task? Sometimes the answer is yes especially when deadlines are looming.  But at other times you may be better of putting of till tomorrow what you could do today in the interest of a better night sleep. 

We borrowed some ideas from the SavvyRest website to share with you.  These are simple ideas that don’t take much time.  The first idea is to make a nightly to do list transferring your thoughts to pen and paper.  Another is to practice breathing technique or try counting backwards.  Perhaps one of these ideas will help quiet the mind so that you can get some well earned and much needed sleep.

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Thanks for your time and we hope that one of these tips will make your night more restful.


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