Signs of When It’s Time to Say Farewell to Your Old Mattress

Obviously, the quality of your sleep can depend on the condition of your mattress. Age and wear and tear are only a couple of the reasons why your mattress may no longer provide the support you need to find complete rest. A good night's sleep ultimately rests upon your ability to assess the quality of your mattress and knowing when it is time to replace it.

If your mattress sends signals in the night that equate to a restless sleep, it’s time to visit a Sacramento mattress store in search of a new one.

Old Mattress

Stiffness and Soreness

Stiff and sore muscles often indicate a waning mattress. Most of the time, people wake up with back pain because the bed is too soft or it lacks adequate back support. If this soreness or stiffness occurs often, examine your mattress to see if it has something to do with your body pains.

Exhaustion Despite Sleep

Getting enough sleep is supposed to relax and reenergize you. However, if you remain exhausted after sleeping for hours, then it is likely a problem with your mattress. Pressure points, sagging, and arbitrary firmness are likely culprits if you can't find a satisfying sleeping position. Tossing and turning all night in search of the sweet spot is not the path to finding refreshment and energy when you awake.


Mattresses sag because of uneven wear in the innerspring system, making sleep uncomfortable to the point of causing back pain. Once sagging starts, it is nearly impossible to meliorate; replacing it is usually the best solution. Flipping your mattress periodically can postpone sagging, but there are only so many flips in a mattress before it starts to falter.

Creaking Box Spring

What should you watch for from faulty mattresses in Sacramento? Actually, you should be listening for flaws, such as moaning or creaking sounds. If you hear such sounds, it could mean that the box spring is faulty and the mattress isn’t provided with proper support. Left ignored, this issue can result in sagging.

A bed is an investment in your wellbeing because it determines the quality of your sleep, which is essential to your overall health. Awareness of your mattress' conditions is requisite to addressing problems before they lead to insufficient sleep and body pain.


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