Setting Appropriate Bed Heights for Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses

For discerning sleepers looking for an upgrade, memory foam and latex mattresses are among the most sought-after types. Both mattress types have been proven to provide excellent body support and great comfort. If you’ve already decided on the type of bed you want in your room, how do you go about setting it up?

To truly maximize the benefits of a topnotch bed, you should carefully consider the height as well.Setting Memory Foam or Latex Mattresses to a Height that Suits You

For Back Support

According to experts, medium firmness is highly recommended for those who experience nighttime back pain, whether it is a latex or memory foam mattress. When it comes to setting a height, 18 inches off the floor is high enough. For sleepers who have difficulty getting up in the morning, they can set up their beds to 22 inches or so. For the elderly, a manageable bed height should be determined with help from a care provider, as this can prevent falls or added strain.

From a Design Perspective

Lower beds, or those set closer to the floor, exude that modern and minimalist vibe. This is the trend that most millennials seek when giving their bedrooms a makeover. For those who like this style, other perks include easier sheet-changing, no bed skirts or valances to worry about, and a way to maximize smaller spaces.

Want a high bed to achieve that classic look? Design experts recommend that you should set your bed height in accordance with the height of your room. In bedrooms with higher ceilings, the bed should be at least 24 inches of the floor.

Keeping a Positive Vibe

Feng Shui specialists explain that there should be ample space between the floor and the bed, as this improves the flow of chi or positive energy throughout the room. If you can, avoid stuffing bulky things under the bed, and keep storage to a minimum. Your bedroom should be a haven for that much-deserved peace and quiet. Excess clutter may disrupt chi flow, and may even make you more stressed as you go to bed.

Whatever type of mattress you choose, and whatever height you set your mind to, the important thing is your bed should feel welcoming and relaxing. You should be able to get better sleep quality, so you feel well-rested and more energized to face each new morning. To learn more, talk to the experts in memory foam and latex mattresses today.


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