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Sometimes you just want a little assistance when you shop for a new mattress.  There is so much information out there between websites, advertisements and advice from family and friends that it can be a bit overwhelming.  You are making a major purchase and want to get it right.  But how do you shift through the hype and conflicting information?  That’s where we come in.

Our goal is to learn what is important to you and make recommendations based on your preferences.  We give you the opportunity to ask questions and try to answer them to the best of our ability.

I was reminded of the importance of know-how the other day when I was checking luggage. I’ve flown for years and watched airline employees tag bags in 30 seconds or less.   But now thanks to the self-serve kiosk it was my turn. Somehow something so simple suddenly seemed like rocket science.  I pulled off the strip and tried to tag my luggage but the sticky surface keep catching on everything it touched.  Finally after what seemed like hours (but was actually about a minute or two) I was able to tag my bag. 

As I learned on my return trip, the trick was only peeling off a portion of the tag to reveal the sticky surface below.  Fortunately this time the tag said in big letters “DO NOT PEEL THIS PORTION”.   That’s all I needed to know to get my tag on quickly and easily.

Learning how to tag my luggage saved me time and trouble and that is what we hope to be able to do for you.  Whether you are shopping for a new mattress, topper, adjustable base or bedding we’re here to help.   

When you walk into the Healthy Bed Store you’ll see a large selection of mattresses.   Online descriptions can be helpful but nothing beats trying a mattress for yourself and seeing if it really suits you.

 We’ve grouped our mattresses into sections.   We carry a robust line of organic latex mattresses for those who are looking for the comfort and purity of organic latex.   In addition we have other premium latex mattresses and a section of foam models to choose from.   All are third-party certified for content, safety, durability and emissions. 

Thanks for reading this blog and allowing me to share my thoughts on baggage handling. And if you travel frequently and find that your bed at home is not as comfortable as hotel beds then it’s probably time to try something new.

We are located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, 2690 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.  Our phone number is 916.351.0700.

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