SavvyRest’s Organic Roots Go Deep

Spurred by problems sleeping and his wife’s healthy problems Savvy Rest Founder Michael Penny decided that there had to be a better mattress out there than what was he was seeing and so he opened his own store in 2003.   After trying to find better products from existing manufacturers Michael decided to design the first SavvyRest mattress, a 10” natural latex mattress comprised of three layers of 3” latex and a certified organic cotton cover with a certified organic wool flame barrier.

The mattress was customizable and inspired by the conviction that no one mattress is right for everyone.  The mattress known as the Serenity provides customers with a variety of options.  You can select layers in soft, medium and firm.  There are also two types of latex to choose from, the firmer Dunlop and the more enveloping Talalay.

A common configuration is firm on the bottom with medium in the middle and soft on top.  This configuration may be too firm for some and two soft for others but no matter because you have the ability to change it up.  Michael Penny’s configuration of choice is medium on the bottom with two soft layers.   Your exact preference will primarily depend on your sleep style and body type.  

SavvyRest works tirelessly to offer comfortable third-party certified organic mattresses.  This is not always easy. For example Talalay latex makes an excellent top layer for those with pressure point issues.  However, because Talalay is made with a few extra steps (including vacuum-sealing and flash-freezing) Talalay latex cannot be GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified.  But the Talalay latex inside the Serenity mattress is Cradle to Cradle Gold and FSC-Certified.   This allows the entire mattress to be GOTS-Certified, one of the highest standards in the industry. 

The point of this illustration is to show that SavvyRest put in the extra effort to provide consumers with the external validation that comes from an independent third-party certification while still delivering the comfort of a Talalay mattress.  This is at the heart of the SavvyRest mission to provide comfortable, supportive organic mattresses that will stand the test of time.

But SavvyRest hasn’t lost touch with the changes in the mattress industry.  They have taken steps to lower prices to keep a third-party certified organic mattress within the reach of more consumers.  They added the SerenitySprings a hybrid mattress comprised of pocketed coils in two firmness options and your choice of a 3” layer of latex.  They have also reduced their prices, which is rare in the luxury mattress world.

If you are looking for a certified organic mattress brand that avoids hype and misleading claims then SavvyRest may be brand for you.  We welcome you to come in and find the Serenity configuration that is right for you.

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