Sales in Your Time, Not Ours


At the Healthy Bed Store we sell a variety of products including mattresses, foundations, bed frames, toppers and bedding accessories.  Most of our sales take place during normal business hours.   But once in a while there’s an order that occurs after we have officially closed.  It’s not simply an Internet order, or more fancifully elves doing the work (although that would be nice).  It’s our dedicated sales team going the extra mile by spending additional time to help our customers find the mattress that is right for them.

Now we can’t always guarantee that we’ll be able to stay past closing time. That’s why we encourage people to come early so there’s plenty of time to shop.  Buying a new mattress is an important decision and we don’t want the pressure of the clock to influence your selection.  Rather these after-hours orders show our sales team’s commitment to customer satisfaction and the insight that sales can’t be rushed. So if we can’t stay we’ll encourage you to come again at your earliest opportunity.

At the Healthy Bed Store we still believe in the importance of “brick and mortar” as part of the mattress buying experience.  It’s our physical presence that allows you to go beyond a one-dimension image on a computer screen.  In our showroom you can actually come in and see for yourself how a specific mattress looks and feels. 

We understand that too many choices can be overwhelming.  But with assistance from our helpful sales staff most customers can eventually narrow their choices down to a select few.   And usually there is one mattress that they keep coming back to and that’s a sign to our team that they’ve made their selection.

After choosing a mattress there are a few other items to consider.   A new mattress needs proper support and an old box spring won’t do the job because it will change the feel and void the warranty.   All in all our recommendation is to replace your existing box spring with a new foundation or adjustable base.

Many people also like to select a new pillow to go with their new mattress.  We also recommend a mattress protector. Finally we’ll want to go over the return policy on these products as well as warranty information.

After all this you can understand why we’re so committed to not rushing it.  There use to be an old commercial saying “no wine before its time”.  We feel the same way about our sales.

Come visit us soon in the Broadstone Marketplace Center in Folsom, California. 

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