Sacramento Mattress Store on Creating the Best Sleeping Atmosphere

When it comes to getting good sleep, there’s no factor more crucial than your bed. But like all things, a mattress is also subject to wear and tear. And if you don’t look after it, you may be shopping for a new one sooner than you expect.

Simple Things Help Preserve the Form and Performance of Your Mattress

Luckily, good mattress maintenance is a matter of diligence and common sense. Check out some tips worth remembering:

Don’t Sweat It

Just because you’re asleep, doesn’t mean you don’t sweat. In fact, people can lose up to 250 grams of water while sleeping! As you’d expect, though, it’s your mattress that soaks up all of this moisture—and moisture is one of the main reasons why dust mites infest mattresses. Luckily, you minimize the amount of sweat that seeps into your mattress by simply buying a protective pad, which serves as the first line of absorption.

Rotate It

If you’re like most people, you sleep on a specific spot on your mattress night after night. Over time, though, this might cause uneven wear on the foam or coil springs, leading to a saggy mattress. To avoid this problem, be sure to flip your mattress every two months so that no section of it becomes prematurely overused.

Support It

Of course, a mattress is only as good as the bed frame that supports it. Hence, make sure to get a sturdy, high-quality one that can adequately support your mattress. If you’re getting a queen-sized bed, for instance, your bed frame should be able to provide strong center support that will prevent the mattress from sagging or bowing.

Never Dry Clean It

Cleaning the mattress is a dilemma that every homeowner faces. After all, how exactly do you clean something as huge as your mattress? While some think that dry cleaning it is the solution, the harsh chemicals in dry cleaning agents can actually ruin the underlying materials. When it’s cleaning time, either vacuum the surface or put the mattress out to dry in the sun.

Don’t Jump on It

Kids have a habit of turning the mattress into a trampoline. While it’s great for playtime, jumping up and down on the bed can damage the interior construction of your bed—and might even lead to injuries for your kids.

A mattress deserves some TLC, especially given the central role it plays in giving you a good night’s sleep. By following these tips, you can prolong the life of your bed and get more of your money’s worth. And if it’s really time to replace your current one, be sure to visit a Sacramento mattress store right away.


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