Replace Your Mattress and Improve Poor Posture While You’re Sleeping

Bad posture is often a sign of poor health, but it’s not always caused by specific medical conditions. In fact, for most people, a lifetime of bad habits is the leading reason for having improper posture. This leads to unnecessary strain and pressure being put on supporting muscles and ligaments especially while one is moving. You may already be familiar with some standing or sitting exercises to correct posture, but did you know that there are some ways to do that in your sleep? Something as simple as changing your mattress could do the trick.

Correcting Posture

If you’re serious about improving your posture, the first thing you need to know is that time plays a major role. Long-standing postural problems are going to be more difficult to fix and take longer to correct as well. Consult with a doctor or chiropractor is if you feel like you have problems with your posture. They can even recommend exercises, tools or even types of mattresses you can use to help.

Mattress Replacement

How long have you been using your mattress? If your answer is seven to ten years or more then it’s probably due for a replacement. It’s possibly one major contributor to your back problems. Especially if it is lumpy and/or sags.

The same goes for mattresses that don’t provide adequate support for your back. You will now need a new, firmer mattress that can help your body retain a good position even while you sleep.

There are many kinds of mattresses available in the Sacramento market today but one of the best choices is an organic latex mattress. Latex mattress have been associated to numerous health benefits. For instance, users have been reported experiencing significant pain reduction and prevention while sleeping. These mattresses help relieve stress in spots with the most pressure while providing solid support for the lower back.

Other Tips

As far as sleeping position goes, it’s recommended that you avoid keeping on your stomach. Lying on your side or your back lets you spine be in a neutral position. You should also invest in quality pillows while you’re in the market for a mattress. Your pillows should just be the right amount of soft and thick in order to properly support your neck.


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