Reasons to Upgrade Your Bed with Help from an Organic Mattress Store

Your bedroom is your own personal haven, your place of respite, which is why it’s important that you keep it as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, it’s often one of the most overlooked parts of the home.

The most important part to getting quality sleep is a quality bed. The right mattress will provide a good night’s rest so you’ll be recharged for the next day. Considering how integral getting quality sleep is to your health and feeling recharged for the next day, it makes sense to invest wisely in a good quality mattress.   If you’re considering replacing your current mattress here are some compelling reasons you may want to consider a organic bed from an organic mattress store.

Natural Flame Retardant

Mattresses produced in the past contained flame retardants that turned out to be really harmful to your health in the long run. In fact, some ingredients were found to be so dangerous they are now banned from use in mattresses. There are still some old mattresses circulating perhaps as hand me downs or units that have been in homes for years.

If you’re using an old mattress, and are not sure how old it is, you might want to get it replaced with a new one. An organic mattress, particularly the wool type, comes with natural flame retardants, making it safe not just in terms of fire safety, but also for your health, because you’re not inhaling any toxic chemicals.

No Chemicals

It’s not just flame retardants that you have to watch out for; there are other chemicals that may be incorporated in the mattress to make it stronger, more durable in quality, or even water repellant. With an organic mattress, however, you can rely on natural ingredients like wool, cotton, or latex to provide you with a good night’s rest without exposing you to any other chemicals. As a result, you can sleep so much better, without interruption, and better recharged for another day in the morning.


If you’re the type who’s considered about the amount of carbon footprint you’re contributing to the planet, then you’d definitely want to consider switching to an organic mattress. The use of natural materials makes its production a lot more sustainable and much safer for the environment. No harmful chemicals mean no damage to the environment through pollution.

Head over to an organic mattress store like the Healthy Bed Store so you can learn more about organic mattresses and why they’re a worthy investment.


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