Reasons to Invest in an Adjustable Bed Base to Improve Sleep Quality

Getting an Adjustable Bed Base to Help Improve Your Sleep Quality

Have you ever woken up feeling worse than when you went to bed? Do you wake up feeling sore and exhausted as opposed to feeling refreshed even though you just spent the past seven or eight hours sleeping?

This could be because the bed that you’re lying on is not providing you with the most optimal position for comfort. Note, we are talking about the optimal position not the comfort level of your mattress. You may be happy with the comfort level of your mattress but the issue could be your sleep position. You might want to consider getting an adjustable bed base to improve your sleep quality. Here are some reasons why you consider one, not just for comfort but also the improvement of your overall health.

Improve Support for Back Pain

The common misconception is that a flat surface is good for those with back pain. However, it actually puts your body in an unnatural position, and can make the discomfort worse. It may be that your body gets relief in a supine position. For some, a straight back lying down will lead to cramped muscles and further back pain.

If you need additional support for your back when you sleep, an adjustable bed could be a great choice because you can control the base of the bed to incline to a degree that best suits your level of comfort. This can help improve your breathing and your blood circulation too.

Mitigate Asthma

Your sleep position inevitably affects your breathing in your sleep. For those with asthma, lying straight horizontally on the mattress can restrict air tubes, which could then trigger an asthma attack. While having an adjustable bed base is by no means a cure or treatment to this condition, it could help mitigate an attack by allowing you adjust to a more comfortable position.

Lessen Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Your windpipes can actually be blocked by the weight of your neck, which then results in difficulty breathing, snoring, or sleep apnea, the condition wherein a person wakes up suddenly because they stop breathing briefly. By adjusting your body’s alignment as you sleep, you also lessen the chances of getting obstructions.

Other benefits of investing in an adjustable bed base are improving circulation by elevating your feet at the end of a long tiring day if you experience swelling in your feet or legs; or in the case of a sprain or injury. It also makes for a much more comfortable position for those who prefer to work, read or watch TV sitting up right from the bed.

If you think you need any of these benefits, head over to a reputable mattress store like The Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, CA so you can finally get that well-deserved sleep.


Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds.

Health Benefits of Adjustable Beds.

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