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The Healthy Bed Store has joined the ranks of celebrities such as Bruno Mars and Tyler Swift, and venerable institutions like the Library of Congress and The Metropolitan Museum of Art by creating our own YouTube Channel.  YouTube is definitely a cultural phenomenon, providing a platform for people all over the world to share their videos.   The first video was a modest clip of one of the founders going to the San Diego Zoo.   From those humble beginning comes a new way of sharing entertainment and information.

We’ve started small as well with five videos from Leggett and Platt, one of the premier manufacturers of adjustable bases.  The videos explain various bases as only videos can with the ability to see and hear more about various styles.  We’ve also posted a video about how to install a headboard on an adjustable base.  

If you’re considering an adjustable base or just curious to learn more we invite you to check out our channel. 

We often recommend adjustable bases to our customers.  They can be a great addition to any bedroom.  Some models are designed to fit within your existing bed frame, while others have furniture style finishes.  We have a broad selection of adjustable bases at the Healthy Bed Store.  With the ability to raise the head or the feet an adjustable base can help with medical issues such as acid reflux, or back pain.  They can also be a lifestyle choice allowing you to read or relax in bed before turning out the lights and getting a good night’s sleep.

When selecting an adjustable base your options range from a very simple head-up / foot-up base to a “fully loaded” base with massage, alarms, under-bed lighting and blue tooth capabilities.  Your needs will help you decide which base is right for you.

In our showroom we carry adjustable bases from top manufacturers including Leggett and Platt, Reverie, Rize and Ergomotion.  You’ll be able to check out in the store what you’ve seen on the videos with the ability to see, hear and feel the product for yourself.   You’ll also have a chance to ask us questions and perhaps learn more about features and options. 

We’re located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, 2690 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.  Our phone number is 916-351-0700.

Stay tuned for more content on our YouTube channel.  We won’t feature singing and dancing but we will seek to add informative videos on our products.    

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