Our Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses - What We Call Our "Lifetime Mattress"

Can you imagine purchasing a mattress and never needing to replace it for the rest of your life?

That's a pretty bold statement, especially at a time when most name-brand mattresses only last 3-5 years. Even mattresses costing $5000.00-8000.00  can sometimes only last 1-3 years. Since 2008 we have seen it happen over and over again from customers that came to The Healthy Bed Store to purchase a new mattress.

With virtually all other mattresses you can purchase, if the comfort is not right you will need to go through the hassle of returning the mattress to the store or online retailer or throw it away and start all over again.

And... when (not if) the mattress becomes defective with the dreaded body impression, you will have no choice but to throw out and start shopping all over again.

Our Savvy Rest Organic mattresses are a design concept you will never see in the big-name mattress chain stores and rarely online. It comes with a zippered casing and all of the latex and springs are accessible and not glued together. This allows you to be able to rearrange or exchange the layers for the firmness you need - now  and anytime during the lifetime you own the mattress.

  • These mattresses are not one size fits all. You start by choosing the feel you want using our mattress firmness guide located on each product page. Or... you have the choice of contacting our experienced staff and we can help you design your new bed over the phone (no email used in this process).
  • You are not stuck with the same firmness on both sides of the mattress. If one likes it plush and the other likes it firm, we can design and build your mattress with dual firmnesses.
  • Once you receive your new Savvy Rest  mattress, slept on it for up to a 90 day period and you find that it is slightly too soft or too firm, you are entitled to up to three layer exchanges at no charge ($190 shipping charge with each exchange).
  • This is the important part - your body will change over the 20-30+ years you will own this mattress (sorry for the reality check) and your Savvy Rest mattress may no longer be as comfortable as before. Anytime during the ownership of your Savvy Rest mattress that you need to change the firmness of the mattress, you can purchase new layers at our cost. This also means not having to go mattress shopping again.
  • All mattresses will eventually develop that dreaded body impression. With virtually all other mattresses, you will need to throw it out and go mattress shopping again. If you decide to purchase a major brand mattress, plan on doing this every 3-5 years. With our Savvy Rest mattress, all you need to do is unzip the casing, remove the layer that is starting to develop a body impression and install a new layer. You now have a mattress that is almost just as new when you bought it, even after 20-30 years.

Whether you purchase a new mattress from a mattress chain store or from almost any online retailer, even the top rated ones that advertise heavily with TV commercials and non-stop Google ads, eventually that mattress will start to break down in as little as 1-3 years. Now you get to go shopping again and go through the guessing process of which mattress brand to choose.

With our Savvy Rest Organic mattresses, you get to choose the firmness that you want and you get to change the feel in your home anytime you want to. No more mattress shopping. Ever.

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