Organic Mattress and Farming: Three Great Reasons to Support Them

There has never been a time when consumers have become more conscious about the origin of the products they buy. That is, they want to know exactly where raw materials are sourced and how they are produced.

As such, it’s not surprising why more and more people are choosing organic products over non-organically produced ones. And this doesn’t just apply to food either—these days, you can also get organic mattresses in Sacramento made from 100% certified organic latex and cotton.

Such mattresses are free from harmful chemicals found in mainstream beds because the raw materials are grown without pesticides, and the production process is equally conscientious.

If you’re curious about the farming industry that makes such eco-friendly products possible, here are a couple of interesting facts about organic agriculture.

organic mattresses

Lessens the Amount of Carbon in the Air

Did you know that organic farming can sequester up to 7000 pounds of CO2 per acre per year? As such, organic farming can be a huge help in fighting the constant battle against global warming. And you can join the crusade by supporting organic products on the market!

Organic Farming Can Be Cheaper

There’s no denying that organic farming can be more labor intensive, which is why they command a premium. However, this practice can also lower the overhead costs of farming. For instance, fertilizers and pesticides are two of the biggest costs associated with mainstream farming. Since organic agriculture excludes the use of these substances in favor of natural alternatives, it can make farming more lucrative for farmers.

Support the Country’s Farmers

People often forget that many of life’s necessities—from food to mattresses—originate from the farm. As previously mentioned, the raw materials such as cotton and latex are first grown as plants in a farm. By choosing organic products, you are directly supporting the small holder farmers who work hard to produce crops that are 100% safe for human use. In other words, make your wallet speak by choosing more conscientiously produced product.

Is this age where people are inundated by harmful chemicals from all fronts, organic products offer a welcome and much-need alternative. If you want to replace your current bed with something made from guaranteed safe materials, visit a local organic mattress store and check out the various options there.


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