Note About White Glove Delivery Service

Because of the current pandemic, we are finding out that in some areas that companies that provide white glove service in your area may not be in business or will not enter customer's homes.

If your order is eligible for free white glove service and we cannot provide it, you have several options:

1. We can do a threshold delivery (garage or front porch) and can walk you through the rest of the installation. All you need are a couple strong guys. You will receive a $200 refund.

2. We will refund to you $200 that is our cost for the service. You can use this to hire professional movers to finish the installation. Another option that has worked for us before is to call a furniture store that does their own deliveries, pay the owner the $200 and have their crew finish the install as they are the most experienced with setting up furniture.

3. You may cancel your order. Remember that if we can't do it, nobody else will be able to as well.

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