Need help making your bed? Introducing the Bed MadeEZ

Are you exhausted after changing your sheets or find yourself going weeks between changes because it’s just so had to lift your mattress?  The average mattress weights more than 100 pounds.  And the all-latex mattresses that we sell here at the Healthy Bed Store are even heavier.

You want a substantial bed to provide the comfort and support you need to get a good night’s sleep.  However, when you go to lift your mattress all that “comfort and support” can be hard on your back. Fortunately there’s a product available that actually does the heavy lifting for you.  It’s called the Bed MadeEZ by Cadence Keen Innovation.

I decided to field-test the Bed MadeEZ on several different beds to see if my experience would match the video.  My first test was a latex hybrid on a wood slat foundation inside a bed frame.  It’s always been a little difficult to change the sheets on this bed because the top of the foundations sits a bit below the lip of the bed frame.  After trying it on this bed I was tempted to rename is the Bed MadeEZer because I still had to lift up the mattress to fit the tool underneath and had to lift it up a little higher to keep it from snagging on the springs. However, once the Bed MadeEZ was in place it held the mattress a few inches above the foundation, saving me from the game of tug of war that I usually play when it’s time to put on the fitted sheet.

The second test was a latex mattress on an adjustable base.  This time there was no bed frame to work with and no springs to catch on the tip of the Bed MadeEZ so my experience was similar to that of the video.  However, I did have to maneuver around the wall and a nightstand when I was tucking in the fitted sheet around the front of the mattress.  It took a few attempts to figure out the best place to position the Bed MadeEZ.  But all in all it made the process so much easier.

If you’re looking for something to make bed making easier you may want to consider the Bed MadeEZ and we carry it in our store.  While you’re at it you may want to check out our assortment of sheets.  We carry premium sheet sets from DreamFit, Malouf, American Organics, as well as our own private label collection of organic sheets.

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