Mom Hunt: The Search for Green Beds in Mattress Stores in Sacramento

In the past, when people heard the word green, most visualized the color followed closely by images of lush forests and fields. But in the modern world, the word green also connotes something that is certified harmless to the environment or is helpful in preserving not only the surroundings but also the health of humans that use the product or service.

With global warming becoming a worldwide concern and the current trend of healthy living, it is not surprising that some at a mattress sale in Sacramento you can usually find organic, all-natural beds along with the more traditional types. The people most concerned with purchasing green beds are mothers with young kids as they want a healthier sleeping environment for their youngsters.

Green Beds Mattress Stores

How can a mattress be categorized as green?

Unlike food items where you only need to check the label, choosing a green-labeled bed from one of the mattress stores in Sacramento can be quite a challenge. Some of those labeled as natural mattresses are sometimes, in reality, a clever blend of synthetic and natural fibers, which can still contain harsh chemicals.

The quickest way a person can determine if the mattress they are looking to buy is green is by asking the salesperson if the mattress material is made of all-natural wool, cotton, or latex. It will also help if you start by visiting a trustworthy establishment, like the Healthy Bed Store in Folsom, to guarantee that you’ll get an honest answer from the sales person regarding the mattress.

Why an all-natural mattress is good for your kids

Most kids, especially the younger ones, have sensitive skin that has an extreme aversion to strong chemicals. Unfortunately, in compliance with law, many traditional mattresses are manufactured by incorporating harsh chemicals to keep most mildew and mold-producing fungi out. There are also chemicals added to make the mattress fire retardant. Fire retardants are considered a necessary evil as they will make the mattress fire resistant but will also expose the sleeper to fire retardant chemicals that are well-documented to be carcinogenic.

Organic mattresses are, thankfully, spared from this chemical ordeal as most naturally occurring fibers are already resistant to bacteria and fungi. Some organic material, like latex, are even fire resistant so manufacturers don’t have to add a retardant at all. 

Knowing that the mattress your kids are sleeping on are free from harmful chemicals will certainly put your mind at ease.


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