Memory Foam Mattresses Help Ensure More Restful Nights of Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? Perhaps it’s your back that ails you. The American Chiropractic Association reports that around 31 million adults in the country have lower back pain. To address this, experts advise their patients to make certain lifestyle habits, such as getting enough exercise, going for physical therapy if needed, and also improving their posture and sleeping positions. One of the ways to relieve back pain and get better sleep is by trying out memory foam mattresses.

Best for Your Body: Comfort and Support from Memory Foam Mattresses

How Memory Foam Can Make a Difference

The American Sleep Association admits that recommending the correct mattress for patients is not as simple as choosing a soft one over a firm one. For this reason, memory foam mattresses are designed to conform to the contours of the sleeper’s body, thereby providing ample support to the spine and joints as required. If a bed is being shared by two persons, the cushioning offered to person A can be custom-built to be different from that of person B, so each one can find the most comfy position and have a chance at improved sleep.

Notes on Some Materials

Memory foam mattresses are composed of various layers of materials, most of which are certified as safe for the environment and for health. When choosing a brand, it helps to know how each component of your mattress can benefit you and help you sleep better at night. Some mattresses have a silk cover on their comfort layers, and this draws moisture from the body to keep it cool. Other memory foam types contain natural latex, which are plant-derived and are attached using components deemed safe. Some mattresses may include layers of wool as a fire retardant and cotton fillings for breathability.

If You Need Help When Shopping

As you continue on your quest to getting a good night’s sleep, there are ways to make the search much simpler. For one, if you are shopping for a new bed or memory foam mattress, do so with your spouse or partner, because you will be sharing the bed at the end of the day. Avoid going to the store when you’re tired or stressed out, as all the beds will feel equally comfortable to you. If you need expert recommendations on the type of mattress to address specific body pains, then don’t hesitate to consult with your mattress dealer.


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