Mattress Stores Help Alleviate Lower Back Pain with Memory Foam Beds

Sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress may incite or worsen back pain problems. An old and poorly shaped mattress can no longer provide the support and cushion that your body needs, resulting in improper sleeping position and strained muscles. Uncomfortable sleeping, in turn, leads to the development of pain, specifically in the lower back. If you already have chronic back pain, sleeping on a sagging bed is not only unpleasant, but also likely to exacerbate your back conditions. The following are tips on how to choose the right bed when visiting mattress stores which can help alleviate or prevent low back pain.

People with Back Pain Should Buy a Memory Foam Bed at Mattress Stores

Go for a Medium Firm Mattress

While scientific research on the best kind of mattress for low back pain is limited, one study showed that those who used "medium-firm" mattresses for 90 days reported the least discomfort and pain compared to those who used "firm" mattresses. The impact of a medium-firm bed on quality sleep and back pain debunks the myth that very firm mattresses are the most effective ones for a bad back. 

Personal Preference Affects the Perception of the Medium Firm Feeling

The perception of what is medium firm varies for every person because of factors such as weight and individual comfort preferences. People with low back pain should personally select the mattress that best supports their back and give them that subjective medium firm feeling. Finding the right medium-firm for you can be done by lying on the bed and testing its comfort and firmness. You’ll know that you’ve found a medium-firm mattress if you’re not sinking into the bed too much, and you feel comfortable as you turn from one side to the other. 

Balance Back Support and Comfort

While comfort is important, you must also choose a bed that provides adequate support. Doctors may recommend a medium firm mattress that enables shoulders and hips to sink slightly without compromising back support. A memory foam bed, for instance, may be good for people with back pain because it is specifically designed to support the back. Whatever mattress you may choose, the right balance of firmness and softness is essential to a restful sleep so you don’t wake up in a worse condition in the morning.

Try it Out for at Least 20 Minutes

Take your time when selecting a new mattress. Lie or even nap on the bed in stores for 20 minutes in order to check how it feels in your natural sleeping position. Try one bed after another until you find one that feels comfortable and firm enough to support your back.

The most important advice is to personally select a medium-firm mattress that is both comfortable and firm. Don’t rush the shopping process or you’re sure to end up regretting your purchase.

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