Mattress For Sale Tips: Other Factors that Affect the Quality of Sleep

You recently bought a mattress that you thought would rid you of your restless nights. But after a few nights of sleeping on it, you still have the same troubles you had with your old mattress. Before you look to return or replace your new mattress, it may be wise for you to take a look at the conditions surrounding your sleeping habits. The type of mattress you use is just one factor in your quest for sleep comfort. There are other aspects that must be considered regarding sleep health, including:

mattress for sale tips

Medication and other drugs

Many medications contain chemicals that affect the quality of sleep, including alpha blockers, beta blockers and antidepressants. As well, common chemicals such as caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine can have the same impact. Though alcohol is often used to induce sleep, the quality of sleep under the influence of alcohol will be compromised.

Stress and anxiety

People who experience stress, anxiety and depression on a regular basis tend to find difficulty in sleeping, and when sleep finally arrives. It is often light and never reaches deep sleep levels. This is because the body is programmed to respond to stress by waking up, making restful sleep difficult to achieve.

The sleep environment

The sleep environment can have a huge effect on sleep quality. For instance, if you live in the city with plenty of noise and light pollution at night and you prefer peace and quiet then leaving your window open at night is going to make it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Even though it will cost you some money, it makes more sense to keep your windows shut and set your air conditioner at a comfortable temperature.  If it’s too hot it makes it almost impossible to get a good nights sleep.

If comfort isn’t the only thing that’s making good sleep unachievable, you may want to talk to your family physician to identify the possible causes of your sleep troubles and discuss possible treatments for them.

Mattress stores in Sacramento

Of course, it may be that you just bought the wrong mattress. So if you want to find the mattress that best fits your needs, visit well-stocked mattress stores in Sacramento like The Healthy Bed Store. Purchase the perfect mattress at the right price by keeping an eye out for the regular mattress sale promos that they offer.


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