Mattress Buying Guide: 3 Tips to Find Mattresses for Growing Children

When it comes to buying a mattress for your child, it can be easy to look for something that fits the size and theme of their bedroom. However, don’t inadvertently get too caught up in this aspect. A mattress that your child finds uncomfortable can lead to poor sleep, which in turn may stunt the growth and healthy development of their minds and bodies. This is why shopping for mattresses for your children should be done with care. 

Finding the perfect mattress for your child in Sacramento is simple enough if you know what you should keep in mind. To make the process easier for you, please take the time to familiarize yourself with these tips from sleep professionals and mattress manufacturers:

Child Peacefully Sleeping on a Mattress Designed Specifically for Kids

The Future Matters More Than You Think 

A common mistake some parents make is putting too much emphasis on what size their child is at the time they are buying them a mattress. Don’t forget your child will likely use that mattress for about ten years. A mattress that works for them now at eight years old may not be adequate enough for them when they turn fourteen or fifteen. Planning for the future not only ensures your child enjoys a good night’s rest throughout the service life of the mattress, but it can also help you save hundreds of dollars down the road.


Try to Figure Out Your Child’s Sleep Temperature 

Different people have different sleep temperatures - the temperature that your body likes to maintain during sleep. This is why you may have woken up in the middle of the night at times because it was too cold, but your spouse found the temperature to be just fine. Try asking your child if he or she finds that it gets too warm or too cold when they try to sleep. This should help give you an idea of what type of mattress you should prioritize. For example, those with high sleep temperatures are better off avoiding memory foam as the material tends to absorb heat.


Bring Your Child with You to the Mattress Store

Lastly, schedule your mattress shopping on a Saturday when your child is free. Comfort is highly subjective; what you believe to be comfortable enough may not be comfortable for your child. It’s best to have your child test different mattresses at a well-stocked mattress store like The Healthy Bed Store.



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