Make a Smart Purchase: Understanding Your Natural Latex Mattress

It’s widely known that better sleep begins by purchasing the right mattress. With the many brands and models available, how can you choose one that guarantees a good night’s rest? The search doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By knowing the different components and materials used in your mattress, and their effects on your health, you can make a better decision before making that purchase.

How a Natural Latex Mattress Can Improve Your Sleep and Your Health

Know the Parts of Your Mattress

Memory foam mattresses contain a comfort layer and a support layer. The top layer is made of soft materials like cotton and silk, to draw moisture from the body and to let you sleep coolly. The support layers contain mattress components made of latex, with varying thicknesses and firmness. People with back problems and sleep issues often go for the memory foam option for their mattresses, as these can hug the contours of the body for perfectly cushioned comfort.

Natural Sources of Latex

Latex is derived from natural products of the rubber tree, with species name Hevea brasiliensis. The stretch ability and versatility of the material can be attributed to molecular structures called polymers, which are produced by the plant’s cells. The strength and quality of polymers in natural latex differs based on the environment where the tree grows in. It may be affected by climate, soil pH, and other natural factors.

In comparison with synthetic latex, naturally-derived latex is not produced from petroleum-based compounds. You can definitely say that an organic mattress is made of materials which are replaceable. Plus, the process of manufacturing mattresses with naturally-derived latex also does not give off by-products that are not good for the environment. To date, many mattress models have now been redesigned to include more components that contain natural latex.

Choosing the Right Mattress

When shopping for a natural latex mattress, check to see if the manufacturer has the seal of the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). This internationally-recognized authority carefully inspects the products, from the harvesting to the manufacturing process, and determines if such practices have positive impacts on sustainability and environment.

As a consumer, these standards can inform you if you are purchasing products that are truly natural or organic, versus those that only claim to be.


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