Looking to Sleep Cooler? May we Suggest a Wool Topper

Several years ago I purchased The Wooly™ a 3” certified organic wool and cotton topper from OMI.  I selected this topper for temperature regulation and its “nesting” feel.  Wool really is a miracle fabric sleeping coolers in the summer and warmer in the winter.  At first I was skeptical of this claim because it seemed too good to be true.  But a wool topper really does keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter with a coziness that has to be experienced to be understood.

 If a 3” wool topper seems too thick you might prefer the Wooly™ Lite, a 1.5” inch wool topper.   The Wooly™ Lite is a good option for those needing only a bit of surface cushioning.  Or it could be added to a latex topper for a combination that provides the support of latex with the feel of wool.

We also carry the Woolsy by SavvyRest.  The Natural Savvy Woolsy is made from wool sourced domestically and is covered in certified organic cotton.  The topper has corner straps that keep the topper more securely in place. 

We have floor models of the Wooly™, the Wooly™ Lite and the Woolsy in our store.  (Perhaps you are sensing a theme here.) We invite you to see if a certified organic wool topper is right for you.

If your looking for additional options we carry Sleep & Beyond wool toppers including the MyMerino Wool Mattress Topper and the myTopper Washable Wool. We have sample sizes of these products in our store.  Both toppers are 1.5”.

You might also consider a  wool topper over a memory foam mattress.  Despite advances in construction, memory foam tends to sleep hotter and a wool topper may help with temperature regulation.  Sleep experts agree that temperature matters and being too warm or too cold can disrupt sleep.  Most of us know this from experience. 

If you have a memory foam mattress that is comfortable and supportive but is trapping heat we invite you in to see if a wool topper is right for you.

There are a few things to mention about wool. The most important is that wool tends to compress and lose about a third of its loft.  This is a natural occurrence and not a defect but we don’t want you to be surprised when your 3” topper becomes a 2” topper.  That doesn’t mean though that thicker is better, it really depends on what your body needs to get a good night’s rest.

Also when I first received my Wooly™ I needed to air it out for several days before putting it on my mattress.  The odor although a surprise was not a concern, just a characteristic of minimally processed wool.  The odor quickly dissipated after a few days.

A wool topper may not be for everyone but if you sleep hot and enjoy a nesting feel a wool topper is worth considering.  The best way to know for sure is to try one for yourself. 

Thanks for reading our post and for visiting our website.  We welcome your call or even better your visit to our store.  We are located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center in Folsom, California.  Our phone number is 916.351.0700.

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