Looking for luxury and comfort? Try Posh + Lavish

For years the mattress industry has used the image of sleeping on a cloud to convey just how comfortable mattresses should be.  The idea of being suspended in the sky without a care in the world is very appealing. 

The idea of floating was finally realized by the design of an ultra high-end luxury bed that is suspended 16 inches above the floor by a system of magnets.  This bed was featured in an article in Money Inc., written by Maria McCutchen. This bed can be yours if you have an extra million plus to spend and don’t have a fear of your bed demagnetizing. 

But you don’t have to leave the earth’s surface to find a mattress that will provide support without pressure.  After all isn’t that what sleeping on a cloud is all about.  Instead we recommend coming into The Healthy Bed Store to try a Posh + Lavish mattress. 



Posh + Lavish is dedicated to designing and building mattresses with a posh look and lavish feel that are made to last.  These mattresses are comprised of a core or bottom layer of continuous process latex, and a top or comfort layers of Talalay.  This combination creates a bounce-free feel that is designed to minimize pressure on your hips and shoulders.  Sold only in retail stores the comfort, support and durability of a Posh + Lavish mattress are worth the time it takes to come in and try one (or more) for yourself.

To add to the lavish feel and posh appearance the latex is wrapped in premium wool and cotton and then covered in Tencel-faced fabric.  These materials breathe and help wick away moisture and regulate temperature.

The mattresses are made in California and shipped pre-compressed to our store to reduce body impressions.  Posh + Lavish mattresses are one of our top sellers.

We carry many different Posh + Lavish models.  We also have an all-latex customizable model that allows you to design your own mattress.    The layers of the customizable models can be split to create a different feel on each side for Queen mattresses and above.

Posh + Lavish also carries 2” and 3” toppers that can be added to any of their mattresses to create an extra layer of comfort.  Adding a topper gives you a similar feel to a pillow top mattress but with greater flexibility.  The topper can be removed or replaced without the need to replace the mattress. 

Come in or call us today to learn more about Posh + Lavish.  We are located in the Broadstone Marketplace Center, 2690 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630.  Our phone number is (916) 351-0700.

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