Looking for an organic latex mattress at a slightly lower price?

Certified Organic mattresses have been the heart of the Healthy Bed Store.  We love the purity and durability of organic latex but sometimes the price tag is just out of reach.  Savvy Rest understands this. They rarely make changes to their mattress line but they recently added a new product called the SerenitySprings, which is now available in our showroom.  

The SerenitySprings is a 12” hybrid mattress made up of 8” pocketed coils with a 3” comfort layer of latex.  The final inch of this 12” mattress is the organic cotton cover filled with wool batting as the flame barrier.  

In our opinion one of the best things about the SerenitySprings is that you have a choice of either dunlop or talalay latex in various firmnesses.   Savvy Rest has a great image for describing the difference between dunlop and talalay comparing them to cake (an image most of us can relate to). The denser more traditional Dunlop is compared to pound cake and the lighter more buoyant talalay is compared to angel food cake.  Both are excellent choices, but if you are looking for pressure relief especially for your hips and shoulders we generally recommend talalay.

Due to the spacing of the pocketed coils the SerenitySprings must be well supported while still allowing for air circulation.  If using a foundation or platform bed the slats must be no further than 1” apart. However, most foundation or platform beds have slats that are further apart than this but we have a solution - a coconut coir bed rug that sits between the mattress and the slats and provides a more uniform support system. 

If it all sounds a little complicated or technical with the mattress and the slats and all that we are here to help.  We’ll walk you through what you need to know before you make your purchase.

Come check out the SerenitySprings and our other organic hybrids.  You may be pleased with the comfort, support and value they offer. We are located at 2690 East Bidwell Street, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630 in the Broadstone Marketplace Center.  Or call us at (916) 351-0700. We welcome the opportunity to help you get a better night sleep.

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