Looking for a customizable certified organic two-layer mattress?

Four out of four of us at the Healthy Bed Store prefer a plushier thicker mattress.  So we have to be careful to remember that customers may actually prefer or require a slimmer or firmer mattress.  If that describes you we want to introduce you to the SavvyRest Tranquility.

SavvyRest is one of the premium organic mattress companies in the nation.  As an employee-owned company they are committed to providing high quality, well made certified organic mattresses.  The Tranquility is comprised of two three-inch layers of latex as well as a wool filled organic cotton cover.   The Tranquility is a 7-inch mattress recommended for children and adults weighing less than 160 pounds.   

SavvyRest has a great website and they post interviews with notable customers.  One of those interviews is with Lauren Fendrick, an Olympic beach volleyball player and Tranquility mattress owner.  Many chose the Tranquility for its firmer feel, but Lauren’s has added a Talalay topper to better fit her frame and sleep style.   If you’re interested in Lauren’s story here’s the link to her interview.

SavvyRest refers to the Tranquility mattress as the “perfect mattress for petite people” which in Lauren’s case made me smile.  As an Olympic beach volleyball player Lauren is extremely fit but certainly not petite, demonstrating that labels have limits.  But she highly endorses the Tranquility mattress and has the sleep data to support her claim.

Down the road or even at the time of purchase you can easily add a topper to your Tranquility mattress.  Toppers are a great way to extend the life of your mattress or to further customize the feel. After all it’s much easier to replace a topper than to shop for a new mattress.

SavvyRest has several different toppers to choose from.  If you like a touch of softness or prefer a nesting feel you might like the SavvyRest Woolsy.  The Woolsy comes in both natural and organic wool.  Both models are covered in organic cotton and feature corner straps.

If you prefer the buoyancy and support of latex, SavvyRest offers two different models.  The first is the SavvyRest Vitality topper.    The Vitality is made from 3” of FSC Certified latex and is wrapped in knit organic cotton casing.  Talalay latex is an ideal choice if you are looking for additional pressure relief.

Finally the “big daddy” of the SavvyRest toppers is the Harmony.  The Harmony is covered in the same organic casing as the Tranquility and is customizable.  It’s a 4 inch topper and is the one to consider if you need to add additional comfort or height to your exist Tranquility mattress.

Call or come into the Healthy Bed Store soon to learn more about the Tranquility mattress or other fine Savvy Rest products. 

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