Leggett & Platt Symmetry EZ Adjustable Base - Assembly Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of your new Symmetry EZ adjustable base from The Healthy Bed Store. Since this is a direct ship product, we have created a detailed assembly page with pictures showing you how to set up your new base, along with tips from our years of experience delivering and installing hundreds of adjustable bases.

It is highly recommended that before you get started, you read the beginning of the product manual and use the manual to follow along with our pictures to give you a visual presentation of how to put together your new base.

Ok, let's git ur done!

This is an TXL size EZ base and weighs 117 lbs. A queen size will weigh around 140 lbs. The box will be banded and sealed with tape on three sides as shown.

Because of it's weight, you will need two strong people to carry the box to your bedroom or one person can move it by hand truck as shown.

If you are unable to move the box from the side down your hallway or through doorways, you can move it from the end as shown. By holding the upper strap, you can keep the box steady or have another person steady the box from the other end.

Once you have the box in your bedroom, here are two important steps before you open the box:

1. If you have the room, put the box next to the space you will ultimately place the base.

2. Put the only side that is not taped down on the floor.

Cut the straps and through the tape on 3 sides of the box. You will now be able to open the box as shown. Remove the top corner protectors and the plastic wrapping to expose the whole base.

Lay down the other side of the box so both sides are now flat on the floor while keeping the base upright as shown. Remove the two boxes, shown above, and notice which side of the base that the Retainer Bar is located. The Head end will face the wall and the Foot end will be the other direction. If the Retainer Bar is not on the half of the base that is at the foot end, carefully spin the base around 180 degrees - this will prevent you from having to rotate the whole finished base later. 

Once you have removed the two parts boxes, lay the base down on the cardboard box on the Head side facing the wall.

There will be two parts boxes, one with four legs and one with two legs, remote, cables and manual. Please remove all parts from boxes and arrange them as shown.

There will be a bolt with a cotter pin at the bottom part of the hinge shown above. There is one on both sides. Remove both cotter pins and bolts, saving the parts. Now you can unfold and lay the entire base flat on the cardboard.

Once the base is flat, put the bolt and cotter pin back in the same hole in the hinge where you previously removed them. Cut the ties off the Retainer Bar and any cables attached with ties as well. You will now see the six holes that the legs will be screwed into.

Unwrap the protective packing from the motor as shown. Remove the bolt and cotter pin from the end of the motor then flip motor over to the other side of the base. IMPORTANT - rotate the motor so the motor housing is facing the outside of the base.

When finished, the motor installation will look like shown above.

Find the ends of two cables as shown above. One cable has a locking cap which you will need to open.

Attach the cables as shown above.

Close the locking cover onto the cables. When finished, your cable will look as shown above.

You're getting real close now! Time to install the six legs as shown above. Now you can carefully rotate the base onto the legs and slide into place. Time to plug in electrical cord as well. 

This cable is only needed when you want to sync two bases together to operate together. If you are operating one base independently, store this cable for future use.

Open the back of the remote and install the two batteries provide as shown above.

You're done! Press all the buttons on the remote to check if all functions are working.

If not, troubleshoot by checking all steps of the assembly and consult the manual as well. If you need more assistance, contact Leggett & Platt at the number provided in the manual. When you call, the first item they will ask for is the serial number. L&P prefers you call their customer service number and not to contact us at the store, however, if you are having challenges feel free to contact us as we can help you get contacted by the right people.

Thanks again! - Enjoy your new base.

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